First step

The countdown began back in March when me and Dan sporadically bought tickets to the UK. I use the word sporadically not to imply the trip wasn’t planned, but to describe the ‘one hour time frame’ in which we had to decide whether we would buy the “cheapest tickets you’ll ever get”. Or not. We did. And so the countdown began, rushed, excited, and nervous as hell. Within these four months we both slaved our asses off working in the wonderful world of hospitality. Both taking our fair share of “F*** this s***.” Both reaching the end with better than good references which will stand us in good stead to yet again enter the hospitality realm… But this time in another country! Ooh the change this will make…LOL.

The night before the first leg of our journey (the short one hour flight to Auckland to spend some time with the whanau, party with the friends, and prep for the big journey ahead) a slight hindrance occurred. One of an unpredictable nature… A bloody 6.8 earthquake! The bags were packed, the leaving parties done, yet Mother Nature was standing right in the way!! A few more quakes rocked our air bed as we attempted to sleep.. Yet nothing of the sort my father rang me to warn about “I know Wellington and you need to leave…now…it’s bad.” These warnings posed immense distress as I lay awake watching GeoNet monitor the 3 minute apart quakes rattling our soil. In anticipation of the big one that would curdle my blood and rock the house to the ground, crumbling the city to a giant mound of rubble, and in turn, not allow me to leave Wellington!!! This however, never happened. Yet fathers warnings came as a good reminder, 1) you need to be aware. (Just picking up lessons I may require over yonder)

We awoke, packed up our final bits and heading for the airport. but not before I anxiously paced up and down Cuba Street waiting for the goodbyes, aware that at any moment the “earthquake prone” part of the city could fall on me!!!! However, this did not happen either and we make our flight in one piece. Not before we forget our reference number, have too much luggage to carry, and have a one hour delay which acted as a good practise for me “So Dan, at stopovers in big airports… Do you just, sleep?”. Apparently so.

We arrive in Auckland to be greeted by my lovely family who welcome us with chicken drumsticks, pumpkin and chickpea salad and herb and Parmesan pancakes! The week at home relaxing is looking goooood ūüėČ


3 thoughts on “First step

  1. Sally Reid says:

    I’m sitting here in my office (shed) loving your blog, Milly – keep up the great work! Sorry I missed you on Saturday (the lunch didn’t happen). We called in on Sunday but you’d already left (: Have a fantastic time and make the most of every minute xxxxxxx Sally
    PS hope your nose and hand are recovering from Paddy’s efforts!

    1. thisbeparepa says:

      Hey Sally!!! My hand has a lovely bruise which reminds me of paddy every time I look at it. Haha what luck!! I’m in Dubai at the moment. Done some duty free shopping and now wait wait waiting for the last long haul flight. I feel like a zombie!! But it’ll be we’ll worth it. Ill keep in touch xx

      1. Sally Reid says:

        That demon Paddy. Well, at least he’s given you a memory!
        I know exactly how zombie-ish you feel after all that flying. Jet lag is the pits. xxxxxx

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