“Smiling faces, everywhere…Malaysia, the true Asia”

Just arrived in Kuala Lumpur at local time, 8.50 Sunday the 28th of July, home time 12.50am Monday the 29th of July. My biggest concern on leaving the plane was FOOD. However upon entering 28 degree heat in track pants, sneakers, a thermal and cardi- I quickly became agitated, not hungry, slightly sick and very grumpy. Especially because there are no spaces to lie down… I am an amateur traveller but I did assume there would be ‘floor room’ to sleep somewhere. The 10 hour flight was much better than expected, I entered the plane (again showing my amateur travelling skills) upset because me and Dan didn’t realise we weren’t seated together, then further disappointed when the tv’s were exceptionally small. However Dan was able to come join me and the trip was almost FUN!! Apart from when I ordered curry…

We have 6 hours here, then off to Dubai in a 3 hour flight at 2am, then an 8 hour stop over in Dubai where I “plan” to do some shopping. Then to Manchester…. It’s only the beginning.. My throat is swollen, I’m sweating, tired… And it’s only just begun.

*the title of this post was a theme song they played on the aeroplane when we arrived… “Sandy beaches, roller coasters, Malaysia. The true Asia”


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