Travel zombie

Arrived in Dubai at local time 4.30am, felt refreshed after a lovely 4 hours sleep on the 6 hour trip from Kuala Lumpur. The flight was fine for those 2 hours I was awake, because lovely Emirates (best airline) give you complimentary noodles when your hungry. So I used this bonus to its full potential ! The seats themselves felt slightly smaller in comparison to Malaysia airlines, but the tv was so nice and big with plenty of options. When we landed the plane kept going.. On and on past one, two, three, four, FIVE huuuge glass terminals. It eventually stopped in what looked like a carpark for planes, and a bus pulled up beside us. This was when the intercom sounded “Dubai airport is very busy today….and the weather outside is 35 degrees.” We were herded onto a bus, where sweating was instant. The air was a thick humid heat, not like what I expected for a desert area. But this could have been the amount of smog surrounding the Airport too (photo above). Within 5 minutes of being inside we found ourselves lost, there were no signs, no people to help, just lots of elevators, lifts, stairs. Dans solution to this was to keep walking, much like in Kuala Lumpur, where we walked in circles looking for a chair. I found a nice gentleman and he directed us to the information centre on level 3. The enormity of this airport is insane, for me, it’s the biggest airport I’ve seen yet. We were dropped off by the bus in one of the five terminals, this terminal alone was a 25 minute walk from end to end. And each end had every duty free shop imaginable. It was quite disconcerting to walk past Dolce and Gabbana, Mac, McDonalds, Moet etc then find yourself in a straight line, walking past the sane shops again 20 minutes later. This disconcerting feeling for me was enhanced by the huge heads spins I was getting. Almost as if my eye focus was going in and out, in and out. Like when your really drunk and when you close your eyes your head swings from side to side. nothing a bit of McDonalds and some water couldn’t clear up for a few hours. We did some duty free shopping, ending up getting boy and girl Jean Paul perfumes and me some Mac foundation. The exchange rate is 2.96 to every $1 NZ. After about four hours of eating, shopping, a bit of silliness with the cool trolleys which go very fast, and a lot of walking, we are now at terminal A, (a train ride from terminal B!) awaiting our flight at 2pm. I feel like I may have picked up a bug, as I have a very sore throat!! Trust me to pick up some foreign illness within the first day… I blame Kuala Lumpur.

(Dans just returned from the toilet saying he had to go in a hole!) oh hurrah… We haven’t encountered any patrolling men with big guns and scary dogs, or been shot for kissing in public, which we were warned about. And they even sell alcohol here!

Very excited to get to Berlin and see Dommy and Iris, we will arrive in Manchester tonight at 7.15pm, after a 7 hour 40 flight. Then off to Dans brothers for a short sleep in a bed, then I’m off to Berlin!! Exciting stuff.


3 thoughts on “Travel zombie

  1. Tanya Fraser says:

    It’s a cliche that men don’t like asking for directions, Dan can’t help it. Happy travelling and keep writing

  2. yoyo says:

    Yay yay yay! Loving your updates and photos! You both look so fresh! Must be that Macdonalds ..or perhaps the noodles? Have you stumbled on a new jet lag cure? Think you are in Berlin now so have all skype lines open ..xxxx

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