Made it to Berlin

Made it to Berlin finally! After three days of travelling and 5 plane rides I’m finally here with Uncle Dommy and Iris. Me and Dan had a nice stop in Manchester lastnight at Dans brothers house in Selby which is 1 hour from the airport. I was introduced to the pizza… Greasy and cheesy and BIG
. I see problems occurring (aka…I wish I didn’t love food!!) I left Dan in Manchester and caught two flights, one from manchester to Cologne and one to Berlin, both 1 hour. Very bumpy flights and I left the plane feeling lucky I survived, and never wanting to get on one ever again. Am extremely tired .. Is this jet lag perhaps? Anyway, I arrived, caught two trains and a bus to Dommys house, but not before I stopped and got a bratwurst. A lot to see and do, neeeeeed sleeeeep now.



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Ngahuia Leighton says:

    yumooooooo well done navigating the trains hope you’re keeping safe!
    Ngahuia xx

  2. Blair says:

    …you’d think the Germans could get their dimensions correct…”die große Wurst geht in die große Brötchen, geht das Würstchen in den kleinen Brötchen” (thank u google translate)

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