First day in Berlin

Today I woke up and ventured into the busy streets of Berlin. But not before I downloaded an app with directions! Dommy pointed me in the right direction for ‘interesting things’ and I set off with know idea where I was going in the slightest. All I knew was that I lived on Naunenstasse. I headed up Orianstasse, and found ‘Yes Electronics’, in here I found a SIM card, It was 19 Euros! I then wandered up Orianstrasse taking in all the sounds, smells and sights which are so different to New Zealand. I walked and walked and somehow stumbled upon Check Point Charlie. Took some photos, they had an outside museumy type setup with a selection of information surrounding Checkpoint Charlie and escape failures and successes stories. I then followed the crowds to a part of the Berlin wall still standing and the Topography of Terror. But not before I tried a curry wurst!! The Topography of Terror was a museum based on Hitlers rise to power, and the destruction he and the Nazi party caused to the people, largely the Jews. It was largely photo based which gave you more of an emotional perspective, seeing the faces of all the victims. By this stage I began to feel jaded and made the long walk back to Naunenstrasse. Tomorrow I’m off to do a Fat Tires Bike Tour at 11am, taking me round the sights of Berlin for 5 hours! And sometime this week I’m doing an ‘Alternative pub crawl’ which takes me to all the interesting bars round Berlin…including free shots.. Which is always a bonus.






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