Sunday the day of rest

“Sunday the day of rest” truly applies in Berlin, with a normal morning seeming to start for most at around 10ish. On a Sunday, midday is more like it, if you venture out before then, like me Dommy and Iris did, you risk bumping into the previous nights antics carrying through. Which is not a risk as such, more of a reminder of how nice it is to not be hungover!! Today was the first morning I woke up feeling like the jetlag had been and gone… I even slept till 8am! (6.30 until now had been the usual.. baring in mind I have been collapsing into bed at 8pm) We ventured to the Mauer Park Market, joining all the other hundred or so people in looking at the arts and crafts on display, clothes, leather bags, bum bags, jewellery and lamp shades, and of course food stalls among a few to name. My reliable weather app estimated a reasonably cool 26 degrees, however I now know tp not trust this device. So with a nice sweat on we entered they bustling stalls, I quickly lost Iris and Dommy as they walked at 6 year old pace (alike most Berliners who prefer to walk ever so slowly..) my first purchase was a 5 Euro floral dress, which provided me with relief from the blistering sun on my fresh sunburn from the previous day at the pools! This was my first and last purchase of the day as the sun took its toll and I met Iris and Dommy in the park to hunt down some much needed FOOOOD. ( No papa, this is not the focus of my blog, thank you very much!!!) We wandered to a NZ owned cafe called Atomic, where we stumbled upon family friends of ours, Lisa, Wassili, Dora and Prue. Here we munched on some avo, bacon, and tomatoes and proceeded to make our way from one park to another. Led by Wassili, “They play, we drink beer.” So we followed suit. Lisa let me on the secret of where the good shops are, my plan of attack for this week! Parks in Berlin are situated in practically every block, they act as a place of drinking (alcohol…in public!!!!) playing, sleeping, sunbathing, eating, dancing, reading.. And so on. We sat at a gazebo type establishment which acted as a bar, along with a DJ. So we sat, listened to some German rap, drank and Talked. While the kiddies played of course. It’s a very layed back attitude to children here, (and most things in fact) in most parks you see little kiddies running around in the nude, under sprinklers, on the playground. And sometimes adults too! Such as the Tier garden I visited on my bike tour which had a nude section. By the time we left the park at 5pm it was full.
My plan of attack for the next few weeks is to reeeelax, read, hang in parks, learn some Deutch, perhaps meet some locals to show me the crazy nightlife if possible and find my bearings so I can venture and explore. Missing my partner in crime, Mr Daniel Fearnely, who encouraged me to stop missing him, and to GET OUT THERE. (which is easier said than done.) But now the jet lag has well and truly gone on its way, I plan to.








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