The zoo full of sad faces

Today me and Iris ventured on the UBahn, (by ourselves I might add- I have now mastered the UBahn system!! Aka TRAINS) to the zoooo! The day began reasonably grey, after last nights electrical storm, rain clouds threatened so we decided against the pools. But of course, as of most days here, these grey clouds soon vanished to reveal beautiful blistering blue skies. The zoo itself was fairly large, I think it’s the first time I’ve visited a zoo since I was a wee totter (when I used to go every single weekend on my Auckland zoo year pass!!) and this time round I found it rather depressing. The poor monkeys, with their faces pressed up against the glass staring aimlessly… The elephants in their tiny enclosure in the blistering heat, the poor lonesome bear who sits watching everyone from his dirt mound… The two polorbears with their thick winter coats…And then Iris yells to go to the playground… Every minute…second. I think the playground was her main incentive for the zoo. But I do admit, the playground was very cool, it had a wooden rocket, three trampolines, swinging ropes, bridges, secret tunnels. The playground was better than any of the animal enclosures! We only managed 2 hours at the zoo before we wandered over to the Tier garden. Here I managed to find Iris a friend to play with so I could momentarily read my book in the sun. Then began the slow amble home, and onto the UBahn which I have so successfully mastered. Only 10 more days of exploring Berlin and I’m off to London to meet Monique for some shopping and partying. Jah!!!






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