Action Day

Got up at 7.30, left the house by 9.30 cutting a Skype conversation with the parents short.. Today was my day of action, it had to begin early! I walked from Waldemarstasse (home) to Arena Badeshiff, according to Google Maps this would take 36 minutes. I do in fact think this was accurate. It was stinking hot, even at the early hours, so by the time I arrived safely guided by my talking app I was ready to jump in. The pool was amazing, 5 Euros to get in, a bar, kebab kiosk and DJ were situated on the first level. All set up with sand, beach umbrellas and so forth. Then you walk down wooden steps onto the platoon, which juts out into three joining decks, leading to the floating 2 metre deep pool, nestled into the river!! I picked my deck chair, found a spot..which was difficult, even at this hour! I stayed here, reading, sunbathing, swimming and drinking coke (2.50 euro plus 1 euro deposit- after you finish you return the glass bottle to receive your 1 euro) until 1pm them headed home to start my next adventure. My next adventure began at Alexandra Platz ( after yet another successful UBahn ride) where I joined a Subculture tour which was run by the Alternative free tours company. They say ‘free’ but the tour guides bluntly remind you tips are expected. This tour was three hours, beginning at a very funky establishment set on the River Spree called Yaams. It was a Jamaican themed, skate park, beep box studio, soccer pitch, paddling pools, smoking, drinking, chilling, dancing kinda doo. Set up again, in a beach theme, with hammocks, sand, beach chairs etc. Open air dance parties are regularly held here, with dub/reggae music, along with yoga classes, soccer, etc. Reasonably child friendly.. a slight whiff of something here and there but a full section dedicated to the kinde. If thats not child friendly then what is!!! i will definitely return here. We then walked from Freudrichsen to Kreuzberg, following a trail of graffiti and history. The first stop was the image of a mans face etched onto the side of a white building on the River Spree. At first glance, it’s just a face with the words ‘go forth’ below. But according to our tour guide, this is in fact an advert for Levi’s who hired (we’ll call him…BOB) BOB to do graffiti pieces throughout the city, then a month or so later released an advertising campaign called Go Forth, this pissed a lot of Berliners off. As you can imagine. ‘No to capitalism!!!’ The picture itself (below) was actually etched onto the building using daggers, and small bombs. We then went on to hear story after story, from graffiti idols to iconic arty/culture spots. Along the way we did also see a ripoff of a Banksy piece of work, apparently when he visited Berlin 10 years ago, he went throughout the city adding images of rats, flying, hiding, spying etc. But through all the construction within the city these had all been demolished/gone. However the one we were shown was a knockoff of a Banksy rat, yet according to our tour guide wasn’t the real deal, “the tail is too thick for a Banksy rat, he likes his to be realistic.” We ended in an alleyway of galleries, graffiti bombed walls, and the Oscar White gallery. Overall, a very good experience. And I also made some friends… I voiced my desire to go out and experience the nightlife to a girl I was chatting to and this progressed into a plan for Thursday night-she speaks German too.. Bonus.
I then returned home at 6.30 and me Dommy and Iris went out for some din dins. We went to a Turkish restaurant down the street which was Iris friendly (fussy 6 year old) and I ordered a 1/2 chicken, chips and salad. You’d think the title would’ve been enough to convince me that my eyes were bigger than my stomach. The meal came out and was absolutely ginormous. A bit too greasy for a hot summers day but food all the same. Tomorrow must be relaxing day… My feet are tired.







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