Money money money, must be funny, in a rich mans world

Today I hit the shops for some summer clothes. However I left the shops with some lingerie, and a top with a Buddha elephant on it, and considerably less money than I started with. I started at Alexandra Platz and made my way to Rosenthaler Platz where I encountered shop after shop. My favourite one, before I decided to turn round before it was too late, was Urban Outfitters. I decided I’d save my pennies for London, where I want to do some much needed shopping. My favourite part of the day was going to meet Dom and Iris in Alexandra Platz where they are watching a theatre performance. I arrive at the best time possible, just as Dommy is getting chosen as a volunteer. The photos speak for themselves, but it was very very funny watching this crazy German lady dress Dommy up, do a run and jump onto him, and try to get him to ‘express’ himself. I then ended the day with a g & t in Kreuzberg, my first drink in a few weeks, and it went straight to my head!





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