It’s a small world

My last five days have been fairly un eventful hence the lack of posts. Very quickly a big city becomes the same as every other big city once the newness where’s off. And once the ability to transport ones self from one place to another is successfully achieved it’s not as exciting anymore. However, Berlin is still up there in terms of big cities… I mean, what comparisons do I have.. Sydney, Brisbane and Auckland. Pffft.
So on Thursday Iris was accepted into school! This was good news because 1) school starts (started) Monday and 2) Dom and Iris currently only have a 3 month visa, so this was very very good news! As part of the first day school preparations, Germans have a celebration. The parents give the child a Shuletute which is a giant cone, often handmade, some bought. Filled with a variety of presents, from lollies to school essentials. So on Saturday morning at 11am iris, her giant Shuletute (she was extremely impressed) and me and Dom wandered down to the school for the celebration. We were welcomed by the principle, along with all the other first day-ers and their parents, (I was Doms young wife!) we were then serenaded by performances from the children from the other years. Tin drum songs, a little play, a poem, and then some more talking in German. Iris’s face was in shock. What a treat she was in for!! I left early and spent the rest of the day lying in the nude part of Volkspark. Considered getting my kit off like all the other old men, but decided against it. Because of all the other ‘old men.’ Lisa Prue, Wassili and Dora came round for dinner Saturday night and I made nuns salad, an Oma tradition. Saturday night I met up with one of the girls I met on the subculture tour, Felice. We went to a bar down Weiser Strasse and had a few drinks. Four down and I was well on my way so cancelled early and went home to bed. Party pooper.
Monday I slept in, I’m good at that these days, even in Berlin! (Some things never change) and searched on the Internet ‘free activities in Berlin’ and read up about the east side gallery. So off I went. The weathers cooled down a lot in the past week, around 23 degrees now, which is is rather chilly compared to the blistering 36 I became used to last week! The east side gallery was a 25 minute walk, thanks to my google maps app.. Very handy. It was situated next to Yaams where I also went on my subculture tour so the area was recognisable. The east side gallery is artwork covering the largest remaining still standing section of the Berlin Wall. Pretty impressive too. As I’m wandering along the wall I stumble upon a familiar face, Luke, my good friend in Wellingtons ex boyfriend! Very strange. Him and his three friends have been travelling round Europe and are here in Berlin for one remaining night. Anyway we chatted and he invited me to a pubcrawl that night with him and his friends. So off I ran home, to plan what to wear. Excited that I had some friends to go out with!
So we started the ‘new Berlin’ pubcrawl at Oranienburger strasse and bar hopped our way. We each payed 12 Euros and got a free shot at every bar, entry to the bars and VIP. The group was fairly large, about 25 people, predominantly Ausie Ausie Ausie, oi oi oi! Very happy I didn’t attempt one of these by myself as everyone came in groups and largely stuck to themselves which I thought defeated the purpose… You really did see what the locals were talking about in all their anti-pubcrawl rants online, that us foreigners were out to get drunk, in a way which is unlike the German culture. Germans drink, but drink not as if its a race to be on the floor, rather a normality. You can drink anywhere, in the park, taxi, street, therefore there’s none of this excitement about alcohol us NZD-ers and Ausies have. Also, I was in bed by 3am, which is when the Germans hit the dance floor. I blame the free shots on entry. It was a very fun night and I got to see some Berlin clubs which were very cool. Lots of electronic music, which is so much easier to dance to than bloody drum and bass! Come on NZ pick up your game.
And now here I am on a Tuesday, eating 10 euros worth of Chinese food and the sunlight is hurting my eyes. I blame those shots. I should take a page out of the Berlin-ers book.. Hair of the dog!








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