Berlin Bookworm

Three days left in Berlin. As Iris told me very affirmatively “We better make these ones the best.” Good advice from the wee one. So I got up before 12, which was the start to a good day. I had read the night before in a blog called ‘still in Berlin’ about an English bookshop called Saint George which she gave a good account of, and since I finished my book yesterday, this seemed perfect. Ironic really, being in a fabulous city and wanting to read about someone else’s fabulous life. The grass is always greener… But MY daddy told me books are GOOD.
Anyway, I head to Kottbusser tour (such a pro at this UBahn shizz now) and catch the train to Alexander Platz where I wander through the shops. Mum suggested I do a blog about the fashion, but this is hard because there are so many tourists that the true Berlin-er fashion is amongst the Americans in their velcrow sandells, the Ausies in their short shorts, and me in my ripped jeans. (Definitely a trend setter) Dom reckons the true Berlin-er fashion isn’t truly seen until October once the weather starts to chill down and all us smarty pants leave. However in wandering the boutiques I did see a lot of Japanese infused fluro’s, crazy patterns, Lycra, 70’s style…(crap..cough cough) I make my way to Saint George’s in Prinzlauberg,and am very happy with my choice. The receptionist even speaks English… “Du sprechen English?”
I join a crazy American lady and her three dogs on a couch while I choose between my pile books. I end up with Russell Brands sequel “Booky Wook 2”, Chocolat (it’s about travelling.. Cough cough) and Dinner For Two.

And then I head home to spag Bol. Mmmm
Below are some photos from my journey, including some nice tree art, and a cool bike I saw.








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