The sun has returned

Second to last day and the sun is coming out again. Back to its better days, reaching a lovely 25 and tomorrow 27. Mucccch better.
Today I learnt that Berlin has swans too, and know matter where you are in the world they are still horrendous angry birds, I learnt that Turkish men are rude to sunbathers. (it’s rude to stare that intensely) and I learnt that Mango Eis (ice cream) is one the best, apart from the beautiful lavender ice cream I had in Prinzenlauberg.
I spent the day eating scrambled eggs at a cool cafe down the road, then reading/sunbathing on Kreuzberg river, then onto Volkspark Hermanstrasse.
Tomorrow is my last day, I plan to spend it at the pooools. Then off to London at 4.30 am on Saturday morning. Goodbye Berlin, Hellloooo London.
Very excited to take flight once more.





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