Sunny England

First chance I’ve had to update my travelling stories! So here I am in York, with a 1 pound face mark on, from Tescos the store of the future. I made it here via: arriving in London on Saturday the 17th of August at 8am, after a 4.30 am start, off to the UBahn with all the drunk berliners. Then through the strict German customs and onto a very cruisy 2 hour flight to Gattwick Airport. Monique met me at Clapham junction, which i successfully made it too! And we proceeded to shop our little hearts out in Oxford street, stopping to have a Pimms cup in a wee pub, one of many many many pubs! Saturday night was fairly uneventful due to my early start and Moniques inability to master the Tube successfully. On sunday me Monique and her sister ventured to Bricklane, piccadilly, London bridge for a traditional pork roast for lunch and a bit more shopping. At Primark in particular- The Warehouse on steroids. We stayed at Moniques sisters flat in Vauxhall, however on Sunday night we stayed at their family friends ‘townhouse’ in Battersea. A beautiful four storied white townhouse (incl a cellar) with hotel-esque standards, such as the maid and the perfectly plumped pillows which you melt into. Monday I caught the train at 3pm from Kingcross Station to York, a 2 1/2 hour train ride. Dan met me at the train station with flowers ( awww! ) and we had one of those ‘movie kisses’.. I think my foot may have even lifted! HAHA Straight from the train Dan took me to the most important place- The Pub. Well, the Kings Arms. A quant little pub on the river Ouse. We had some cider and I met some of his friends, who I struggled to understand. And we proceeded to Dans aunties house, where we are staying for the next three weeks, and drank some more cider. Today being Tuesday, Dan showed me round York, giving me a brief rundown on the history, explaining why there’s a Roman wall surrounding the city! We walked part of this wall and I took every chance I could to take photos. The city is unlike anything I have ever seen, or ever expected. It’s full of beautiful OLD buildings, the Minster which is an amazing old Cathedrol in the centre of town, and amazing 16th century boutiques, restaurants, houses and pubs. I have some understanding now of how young New Zealand is, I have never seen architecture this old! So we walked round the city, Dan guiding me down all the little alleyways and cobbled passes. The streets very much remind me of Diagon Alley in Harry Potter- it’s even set with a sword and Armer shop, a ghost shop and a witch shop which sells herbs and spices for potions. We stopped at Dans favourite pub, the Evil Eye, for a Toffee Apple cider, which was Amazzzing! Then home to the suburbs, a 30 minute walk down the river. In Germany my problem navigating was the street names. Here, it’s that every street looks the same, and every house!!
We just returned from a bike ride down the river and are proceeding to get an early night so tomorrow we can start planning bigger and better journeys, on bikes we think!!! Loving every second.










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