Hound dogs, horses and wine

Yesterday afternoon me and Dan got a lift out to where his Auntie Allison is staying currently- while her boss ‘Arry’ is away. It’s a huge, 7 bedroom farmhouse in Benningborough, a 10-15 minute drive from where we are staying in Clifton Moore. We arrived for dinner, had a tour of the 14 acre property, including the sheds for the 25 hound dogs, the chicken shed, stables, manicured gardens and horse paddocks. And then we did what it seems all Yorkies do, and drank some wine and cider. This morning we were up at 7am to feed the 25 hounds, walk them round the paddock, clean their shelter and split the females in heat from the males. Aunty Allison has worked for the owner of the farm for over 18 years, and every November is when the ‘hunting’ season starts so between now and then the dogs need to be brought up to speed and fitness, train the pups and get the horses fit. Harry used to do fox hunting but now that it’s ‘illegal’ they no longer hunt for foxes, but for fun, track a ‘runner’ until they find them. They use hound dogs which are a bit different to fox hounds too. The dogs were beautifully natured, very friendly, yet very much pack animals, often bullying the weakest link- sometimes until death. But never aggressive to humans, however terrifying they are when 25 come running towards you! We next went and got the three hunting horses out of the paddocks, unfortunately two were lame so me and Dan had a doddle round on the one usable horse in the arena. All 18 hands of him! (Sally Reid and Jo, you would have LOVED it! Most beautiful natured horses, very large but calm and had a canter like an arm chair). We next did the gardening for the remainder of the afternoon, pruning the manicured garden to perfection. Just got home exhausted and sunburnt. Back there next Monday- Wednesday to hopefully get all three horses out for some training. Lovely weather, 25 degrees in York today. Off to do some more history exploring tomorrow then to the pub for a big night!!











2 thoughts on “Hound dogs, horses and wine

  1. Sally Reid says:

    WOW Milly! I am envious. What a place! Love the hounds, and am struggling to imagine 18hh – Ollie would look like a pony in comparison. Also envious of your visit to Whitby – I didn’t ever get across there and always wish I had. And I’m SO glad you love York. Isn’t it beautiful???

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