Whitby: Captain Cook and Fish & Chips

Today Dans grandparents picked us up at 9.30 and we drove 1 hour to the beautiful seaside town of Whitby. Traditionally a whaling town where Captain Cook trained and built the Endeavor, we saw some blue whale jaw bones and a few memorial statues of Captain Cook. People had obviously travelled from far and wide to spend the day at the ‘beach’. On a slightly windy, cold overcast day. But it wasn’t raining so therefore was a ‘perfect beach day’. I stumbled upon a pack of donkeys on the beach, which is apparently a complete normality. Kids pay to ride them down the beach. Very strange. We then had fish and chippies with mushy peas- it tastes so good because its cooked in beef drippings. We walked up to see the old Abbey on top of the hill which gave you a beautiful view of the city, then began the trip home. The country side reminding me of the South Island, minus the sections covered in beautiful purple flowers called heather.










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