Edinburgh here we come

So after a week of deliberating whether to A) Move to Bristol and buy a cafe
B) Wait to hear if we have this winter resort job and work in York in the meantime
C) Go for a trip round Greece, Croatia and Italy

We discovered that if we did go travelling for a month or so, we would return with no money to set our selves up anywhere. And not quite enough money to comfortably travel without worrying. So we decided to halt the travelling until we had a wee bit more money and an income. So we opted for option B) to wait until we hear if we have secured the skiing jobs. If that fails we will go for option A. So in the meantime we are off to Edinburgh for a two week camping/ hiking trip. As a cheap ‘holiday’ while we wait to hear back. We went to ‘Go Outdoors’ where I secured myself some North Ridge hiking boots, a North Ridge sleeping bag, inflatable Matt, some denim shorts and a 30 litre bag. With all our gear set we are off for two weeks of adventuring!




2 thoughts on “Edinburgh here we come

  1. squarewhiteworld says:

    get into the ashtrays of Europe! roll around a bit. Buy a cheap Russian cardboard van and chug around Romania. Give my love to the Bukovina!

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