Dinner for ten

So as you may have been able to tell, internet has been hard for me to source out. I’ve been sat for hours each day uploading four photos per 2 hours in order to finish my West HighLand Way section and begin my new post! Evil Eye, a dodgy but funky wee pub in town has become my local where i sneak upstairs and use their free wifi.

So, a new chapter, Dan turns 22 on Saturday the 14th, I have successfully ordered him a ring (Made in Ukraine) on Etsy, an online store. It arrives on Friday and within the 1/2 hour walk home I am just too excited to not give it to him straight away. The conversation goes something like this
“Your presents in my pocket..”
Dan “What is it?”
“I cant tell you, but do you want me to?”
Dan “You could give it to me now?” “Shall i give it to you now? No i can’t.” Dan “It’s up to you, but you could give it to me now.”
“Okay, yes, I reallllly want to give it to you now.”
So I ended up giving it to him within 15 minutes of collecting it. He loved it! Unfortunately it is slightly too big, his fingers must have been swollen with heat when he tried the ring sizes on in Whitby, my excuse being “I want to buy my Dad a ring, what size ring are you?” Once some money comes rolling in i’ll attempt to get it resized. Friday afternoon I spent the entirety cooking a cake. I followed a recipe mum gave me, stating it was the best chocolate cake ever, the ingredients include 20 eggs, 100 grams sugar, 1 kilo chocolate, 70 grams flour and 500 grams butter. My theory was, even if the cake didn’t work, it would still taste amazing with all those healthy ingredients. Dans Dad was convinced the recipe was doomed, being a baker, but I was convinced it would work if i followed the recipe properly. The following morning I iced the two heavy-as-brick cakes with 1 kg white chocolate, a carton of icing sugar and 250 grams butter and went singing up the stairs to deliver the masterpiece to him. The cake was completely inedible, with a strange jelly-like consistency. What a waste of 20 eggs!! The rest of the afternoon we spent at his mums, then went to see Rush at the cinemas. A fairly average film. The exciting part was the next day. His brother had organised a dinner and night at a hotel in Helmsley. Me, Dan, his brother and cousin set off the following afternoon, driving 1/2 an hour to Helmsley. We arrived at the Black Swan hotel to a king size hotel room, including a king size bed, a bed big enough for two people to starfish on!! We got all dressed up and headed down to the restaurant for our dinner. The dinner was called “The Gallery Signature Menu” consisting of 10 courses!
The dinner took 4 1/2 hours and each course was accompanied by a beverage, mostly alcoholic, the menu was as follows:

Lime, elderflower, matcha green tea, lemon grass + Watermelon with aged balsamic: This first course was a palet cleanser with a refreshing mouse and a barbecue tasting slice of watermelon

Beetroot, Yellison goats curd, caraway seeds, charcoal. : There were about three different types of beetroot and the goats curd was rolled in the charcoal

Boudin Blanc, sweet corn, rosemary, brioche: The boudin blanc was a white sausage and the brioche was crisp, there was also a corn puree which gave the meal a sweetness

Green misco, scallop, prawn, octopus, coriander: This was my favorite, the seafood had a barbecued taste and the green misco was in a soup surrounding it. Delicious!

Mushrooms, black truffle, brown butter, wood pigeon.: The mushrooms were shitake and there was also a crumbed egg yolk in the centre. Very very nice.

Green salad, black olive, jerez vinegar.: This was the most unexpected, the entire salad was frozen! it was served in a small glass, the consistency almost powdery with a sweetness from a white powder on top being the frozen vinegar. Very strange and the only course I didn’t finish.

Salsify, turbot, bacon, salmon roe.: I appreciated the cleansing I had from the previous course, this one was very salty, very delicious though.

Waterford Farm Pork.: This course was split into two, the first being a cold pork jellied luncheon type dish, in a slice with apple puree, very nice, followed by a slice of roasted pork.

Chaouree, apricot.: This was essentially a cheese board (Much to Dans delight) the chaoree was a very rich creamy slice of cheese, accompanied by slices of apricot and come fine crackers

Popcorn,caramel, malt, sea salt.: This was served in a glass and was a mousse with a thick layer of caramel at the bottom. AMAZING

Apple, apple, apple.: This was a slice of apple cake with four different apple sorbets ranging from red apple, green apple and an apple cream.

I can’t remember exactly which drinks were served with each meal but a few were an elderflower martini, Red wine, a New Zealand white wine, a beer, a mojito, another martini. By the end I was feeling very tipsy, and happily full! It was the BEST meal I have ever had. And you’d hope it would be, what more could you want?
We went on to the bar where we had some cocktails then retreated to our King size bed. The following morning we went down for our big breaky then drove back to sunny (HA) York.
The weather has well and truly taken a turn for the worse. It’s freezing. I am going to absolutely freeze my tits off in Winter. Im already wearing thermals. Dan has currently gone to raid his old wardrobe for big winter jackets for me. Our current plan is to work in York until New Years then hire camper van in January and make our way to Amsterdam, across to Berlin (HEY DOMMY + IRIS, IM BACK!) Then make our way through eastern Europe. The essential point being to get work in the first place which is proving harder than it ever has for me, Dan has already secured work in a sandwich shop and an old pub ( Both through people) but I have handed out 10 C.Vs and no luck thus far. According to his Dad it’s who you know, and that I have a degree which is apparently off-putting when they can hire someone who doesn’t and pay them less. Who would’ve thought it’d be a hindrance?! Im doing as much as I can to try and secure a cafe or bar job ASAP before I have to resort to the ‘who you know’ and take the offer from Dans Dad as a cleaner at Tescos… noooo.
Well, fingers crossed as I have 3 pence to my name!!! Oh life as a traveller…












4 thoughts on “Dinner for ten

  1. squarewhiteworld says:

    why is Dan doing a pooh outside The Black Swan?
    why do I feel transported back to the 1950s?
    why was the cake?
    why are genes so important but not when it comes to being photogenic?
    why is there a soft toy?
    why is Dan on the trundler?

    1. thisbeparepa says:

      Dan is BEING a swan, we each have our own single mattress, the cake was a right off- perhaps due to the gas oven or the recipe, but not due to my amazing cooking abilities, the teddy bear is a comfort in the large king size bed when you get lost and Helmesley is very much stuck in the 1950s

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