Exotic foreigner

My time in the last week has been spent handing out cv’s left right and centre, filling out online application forms for jobs on Gumtree and sleeping, (I’ve always been good at that one.) I have handed out 15 CV’s all to cafe/restaurants and bars which are advertising for staff or say they require staff yet until yesterday had not one callback. It seems I have become the ‘traveller’ whom cv is dispersed of immediately as ‘they don’t stick round’. This is the conclusion I have come to based on the reaction all my previous jobs have had to travellers handing their cvs in. I did get some positive yet not so constructive responses ‘Oh so where do you come from’ as I’m eyed up like a slab of meat, and ‘that’s a verrrry cute accent’ which was a new one, ‘cute’ is not a word I have heard to describe the ever so appealing New Zealand accent. However yesterday I got a call back! And have a trial at a restaurant/bar very similar to that of my previous job at The Tasting Room. Good news for my pockets. I’ve also been educated on the difference between chavs, gypsies and those girls that prefer to wear leggings as pants and crop tops. ‘Skanks’ I like to call them. The concept of chavs I have never come across before and never took seriously, that was until I was staring at this awfully loud and annoying young man in a matching grey track suit and his fake-gold clad lady. Dan whispered to me that if I kept staring he would soon have a black eye. Going to a public school in York, Dan has described the ‘Do’s and Don’t’s. Do avoid these ‘Chavs’ and Don’t stare or try to be their friend- as I suggested. Gypsies are also another group which I haven’t encountered before, that show ‘Big Fat Gypsie Wedding’ is very much a reality here. The young girls dressed up as strippers and the boys as pimps.  I stick out like a sore thumb in my dock martins, jeans and checked shirt. This makes me the exotic traveller you see. I have attached one photo of the Moor which I walk across everyday to get to Dams Dads house, it’s very pretty, especially when the sun is going down. However I have been warned to avoid it at night due to chavs who lurk in the shadows and are quite dangerous. I’ve also attached a photo of my 1 pound 20 mushy peas and chips with LOTS of vinegar. (Opa would be proud)




2 Comments Add yours

  1. raylillis says:

    A long way from truffles and wood pigeon. Really enjoying yr writing.

  2. squarewhiteworld says:

    try to be their friend – wonderful

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