Charlie in the chocolate factory

One week in with my new job at Nestlé and I’m falling asleep at my desk. ( I have my OWN desk! And name badge. This must mean I’m very important, surely. ) My day begins at 6am, thats right, AM and i head off for the 1 hour 15 minute walk at 7, i then finish at 5, returning home by 6.30. Work begins at 9am or 8.30 depending on how motivated I’m feeling, And i either spend my 7 1/2 hour or 8 hour shift typing out invoices for the Dolce Gusto coffee machine… with each invoice taking around 5 minutes to complete, you get the picture. In my office there’s 4 different groups, one being the nutritionists which Dans mum Lynne heads and my group which does Dolce Gusto and Alegria coffee machines. As it is office work my ‘office atire’ isn’t quite up-to scratch with my dock martins and pattered tops, so with my first pay check at the end of next week i will have to invest in some pencil skirts and blouses. How professional, and boring! But with this experience I will be stood in good stead to get office work in media potentially. Me and Dan are relocating to his brothers house in Selby, which is a 40 minute bus ride from town, because his brothers house is empty apart from the weekends, and he has a shower!! ( dans dads house only had a bath) I’ve begun to pick up on (not pick up!) some Yorkie-slang, such as ‘nowt’ pronounced as it looks, which means ‘nothing’ and ‘int it’ which is every second word. Another funny one is the equivalent to ‘Good morning, how are you?’ Is ‘Morning, you alright?’ I remember back when me and Dan first started ‘hanging out’ he came home one day and said ‘hey, you alright?’ And i turned round and said very perturbed ‘look, I’m fine, would you stop asking if i’m okay!’ Thinking he thought i looked upset or something. Little did I no that this was simply a retorical question which i’m now thrown every morning by 20 or so women at work who in fact aren’t waiting for a response! Theyre waiting for me to say it back! So with a routine settling in its the same chug chug chug of the wheels to save the pennies and if all goes according to plan then travels will start again in January.




4 thoughts on “Charlie in the chocolate factory

  1. yoyo says:

    Love those stockings! I think you might be wasting away on all that Yorkie pudding though.. are those your hip bones tucked into your dress? What the…? Missing you smiley bum xxxx

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