Terry’s chocolate factory

Us crazy people who choose to be close to the north pole, just in time for winter are about now stocking up on thermals gumboots and fleece lined jackets, in preparation for the forecasted ‘worst winter in decades’. This winter the media has been referring to, a decade ago hit York and froze the main waterline to the city cutting off water for the winter. So in a precaution for this deadly winter I too have been following suit and investing in thermals and gumboots… Pfft like that’ll save me!!!!
It’s autumn, the trees are all shedding bundles of colourful leaves which line the cobblestone streets and the air is crisp with scattered rain more often than not. Me and Dan have been working, cooking roasts with all the trimmings (winter coat) and buying organic veggie box’s online which are the highlight of the week. All with the intention of leaving York in January to embark on a 5 or so month travelling stint through Europe working as Wwoofers or work in exchange for accommodation in hostels. Last week we ventured to an old chocolate factory called Terry’s chocolate factory which used to make those orange chocolates but closed down 5 or so years ago. It really is Willy Wonkas chocolate factory in real-life. Very cool building which is now being turned into a complex of apartments. I applied for a Saturday job at the one decent coffee shop we have found thus far. It’s become our regular where we eat delicious cake such as Guinness cake or earl grey and chocolate, with coffee of course. I have a trial there on Sunday with the hope of something other than staring at a computer screen or shredding paper. Not that I’m complaining. I also went and had my eyes tested to find that I am short sighted, but only just. So if I want some glasses I can be prescribed them but it’s not guaranteed to fix the ‘computer pain’. It may add to my ‘office look’ so I’m of course, contemplating… And of course, because of the ‘winter coats’ me and Dan have been putting on we have also invested some much needed time into exercising in order to accommodate this. With me swimming at the pool opposite work three times a week and Dan cycling to and from work (20km) three times a week. This new routine was designed to accommodate our ever expanded bellies in other words. But on a serious note, the cheese called boursin, who agrees that this is the best thing on earth?






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  1. I like T-shirt … and make Terry come back

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