Count down

Not much has been happening to us in the city of York. We have been house sitting a friends house and very cute dog which has ignited a NEED for a dog of our own, been to a very lovely French Restaurant called Rustique where we drank French wine and ate beautiful food. Made contact with a hostel on the island Santorini in Greece with the potential of volunteering in exchange for accommodation in January and carried on with the daily grind of making the dollar dollar bill. The weather is gradually getting colder and colder dropping to 2 degrees most nights and frosts in the mornings, and last week we changed our clocks back so it’s light at 7 but dark by around 4pm, and as we get more into ‘The worst winter in decades’ this is going to get worse. I now understand the English’s need for beef dripping deep fried fish & chips. Our ever changing plans are still focused on travelling doing Wwooffing and volunteer work in exchange for accommodation in the first part of next year, with the aim of holding onto our savings we are making now in order to set up in Bristol mid next year to save more pennies. Very jealous of all those in warm climates, I had thought I was a winter blooded person, it seems not.





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