New Years 2014 – Berlin Style

We arrived into Berlin at 10.30am on New Years Eve where we were greeted by the sounds of early New Years celebrations- fireworks and more fireworks! After some recommendations from the lady sitting next to me on the plane who was round my age, we decided against the Brandenburg gate for our midnight-celebratory-antics and instead took her advice and went to the Oberbaum Bridge, between Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg. She also listed a few good clubs which we hit up too!
So we arrived at Dom and Iris’s, had some bratwurst and delicious coffee (thanks papa!) went and picked up some beers for Dan & Dom and an accompaniment for vodka, and went for a wander round the already buzzing streets of Kreuzberg. As the night went on the fireworks got louder and louder, closer and closer. At 10pm we all went for a wander to the river spree beside the Oberbaum bridge and drank some drinks, alcohol consumption in public is legal, while watching some crazy relaxed 10 year old letting off rockets. We then went our seperate ways, me & Dan made our way to Revealer strasse where we found a shack like club playing extremely loud offensive rap music full of smoking, drinking people- Awsome! At 11.50 we made our way to the bridge, dodging handheld rockets and people throwing fireworks. I’ve never seen anything like it, the sound was like that of a war zone and as 12am got nearer the bangs got louder and began colliding. 12am came, the bridge was covered with thousands of people screaming, kissing, drinking and chucking fireworks, it was great! We then went back to the former industrial estate where all the recommended ‘good’ clubs were. We had some drinks, a wee boogie and by 2.30 were feeling pretty knackered- however the real Berliners weren’t even getting started, they were still on their post dinner drink. I assume by 4am the clubs would’ve been a bit more chaotic however we just weren’t hardcore enough! We dodged fireworks all the way home, stopping for a much needed donner kebab.
On the first/2014 we were a bit worse for ware, however the city looked like a warzone, with fireworks wrappers covering every street, bottles lining the roads and vomit lining the walls! Today (2nd) we went for a walk to the East side gallery and had a wander round Friedrichshain. Dan hasn’t been to Berlin before so tourist activities are in order for the next few days. It’s great to be back.










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