Tourist Antics versus Local Antics

Yesterday me and Dan went on a free history tour of Berlin run by new berlin. When I visited in July I did a fat tyre bike tour of the historic places in Berlin and an alternative berlin tour of the underground scene- I enjoyed both. The new Berlin tour was 3 hours walking through Mitte visiting the Jewish memorial, Hitlers bunker, the old Head quarters for the Nazi Luftwaffe which is now the Berlin Tax Office, check point Charlie, museum island, and the site of the book burning which is now the Law library. I had been to these places in July so was giving Dan a few fun facts along the way but thoroughly enjoyed learning it all again and trying to absorb a bit more and gaining better navigation skills. The tour guide we had was very good putting everything into context- says Dan. The newberlin tours are tip based so at the end of the tour the tour guide will kindly ask for a show of appreciation in the form of CASH MONEY if you enjoyed the tour, thus funding her job. By 5pm it was pitch black and we went for a very large beer in Hacklesha Makt and made our way to meet Dom & Iris for some yummy Ramen noodles and dumplings! Today me & Dan slept halfway through the day due to the room we’re staying in having wooden shutters as blinds making it pitch black. We then caught the u-bahn to Boddinstrasse with Iris to go ice skating. Either google maps failed me or my over-slept eyes were telling me lies, but we ended up 5km away from where we were supposed to be. However we made it in the end and joined the que to get our skates and tickets. Iris tutoring me “how so I say 2 adult tickets and 1 child” Iris “aww not again!” The ticket man didn’t speak any English so Iris ended up translating for me, and him as we tried to get three tickets for 1 hour and three skates! I have spent many a birthday ice skating I told Dan not to worry as I would teach him and be able to hold Iris up. However I should’ve known Dan would get on the ice and actually be a pro skater automatically. So he taught Iris and me! The ice rink was packed full of old and young with their beautiful white ice skates on, obviously not as amateur as me, thus the assumption that the majority of the people were locals!! Tomorrow we are off to Mauer Park Marker in the morning and the Riechstag at 3.15 after a very complicated application process.













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