Flea Market goodies & the Riechstag

Today me Dan and Iris went to Mauer Park Flea Market. We arrived nice and early, at 11am, had some freshly squeezed Orangensaft and made our way through the bustling stalls. I went to the very same market back in July when the weather was nice and hot, where as today it was bitterly cold, the sun decided not to come up and the trees are looking very bare. However the crowds have still shown, everyone there to goggle over all the handmade goodies, delicious food and antique items. We stopped for some boiled corn with salt and butter and I bought a bronze necklace with monkeys hanging off it- very Hipster-Berlin. Dan bought a lovely black felt and we had some curry wurst and pommes for lunch. We then caught the tram to the S Bahn and the S2 to Brandenburg Tor where we made our way through the Brandenburg Gate and right, to the Riechstag. We met Dommy outside and joined the que for security cheques. The security to get into the Riechstag was as extensive as that of the Airport! Metal detectors, passport cheques, handheld metal detectors and all our belongings were scanned. Once through these security cheques we were ushered up the huge stone steps to the base of the entrance to the Riechstag. The large glass doors opened and our 3.30pm ‘group’ were ushered into a glass holding room. Once we were all squished into this glass room the door behind us shut and the one before us opened and we were led to a large mirror lined elevator. Once up the top we were handed audio head sets and plugged ourselves in for our walk up the glass dome in the rooftop of the Riechstag. The audio gave us a background of the history of the Riechstag, information on how it was built and significant buildings able to be seen from the view and a brief understanding of the German political system. The dome itself is entirely glass covered with the inner section covered in mirrors facing downwards in order to heat the parliament room up which was directly below. A hole was stationed at the top of the dome in order to allow fresh air flow in the dome and a release for stale air within the building, titled a ‘hot air recovery system.’The view from the dome was impressive but unfortunately the weather was very grey and wet but as the sun which we never saw began to set, we got a few snaps in from of the sunset. Hot chicken for dinner and homemade banana cake covered in Nutella!
















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