Party in Berlin!!!!

It’s a Monday night and me & Dan have the option of exploring the famous Berlin nightlife once again… So we make a lose plan of where we’ll start, and where we’ll end up. We start in Wiener Strasse at a bar Dom recommends called A. We enter and straight ahead is a small wooden bar with two bar tenders serving. We order a beer and a wine and head for the second dimly lit room which is the ‘smoking room’. It’s fairly small with comfy couches, seats and wee circular tables with lampshades in every corner producing the only light apart from the cigarette ends which spark every few seconds. It’s minimalist but comfortable. We stay here until 12. mulling over travel plans and life plans in general. Then we head for the U-Bahn to make our way to Katerholzig the club iv been told time and time again that I must visit while here. When we get off the U-Bahn we ask a gentleman walking the opposite way where it is, he says we’ll hear it of we walk in ‘that’ direction. He also says that the club itself is closed down but for the last three days a closing down party has been held in a make-shift shack/club in the carpark, and tonight is the last night. So we follow our ears and find ourselves waking down a driveway towards flashing lights and a wooden house type shack producing pumping music. The outside area is surrounded by a wooden fence, picnic tables dotted round, a few porter loos, a playground and a deck off the side of the shack where people are sitting on wooden benches surrounding open fires. We enter and find ourselves amongst about 50 people dancing, smoke is everywhere so making our way to the bar means dodging the pillars holding the building up. We grab a very expensive 2 drinks and the bar tender lets us know that we can bring our own alcohol in- once I gasp at the €15 for two drinks! As I’m ordering drinks Dans chatting to a guy next to him, who it turns out, has been here for three days straight! Needless to say, his eyes are doing summer saults and hands are forming strange shapes as he talks but he’s very friendly so we sit chatting with him for a bit, then get up to dance. Throughout the 8 hours we remain here we venture twice to the petrol station down the street to buy more alcohol, we dance, talk, explore the hidden spots surrounding the shack, such as the wooden tree house leading up off the end of the deck. We meet a friendly New York couple called Alex & Mimi who we dance with and exchange details. Everyone is very friendly, smokables handed round like packets of biscuits, it’s your choice take it or leave it. At 8am the music stops. The lights turn on, and we leave. We head for the ubahn where we catch the train to Fredrichstein and take a walk down east side gallery as the sun rises.
We got home at 10am on Tuesday, very satisfied we partied, Berlin style! Although we left at 8am when everyone was heading to the Golden Gate by Alexander Platz.
So it’s now Thursday and I’m still tired! We slept all day Tuesday, Wednesday we went to the museum underneath the memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe, and today we are packing and helping Dom move. Tomorrow off to Athens!





One thought on “Party in Berlin!!!!

  1. Tanya Fraser says:

    Always wanted to do that – party Berlinstyle. Pleased you had fun.
    Love to know what the museum was like. Mind you, visiting it after partying Berlin style might not have been doing it justice!

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