Hostess of the mostest

We have spent the last two days enjoying the company of our guests here at Caveland. Learning about where everyone is from, what brought them to Santorini Island and where they are heading.
Yesterday me & Dan invited those staying here to join us in a trip to Oia, and a hike back. While in Oia we showed them the spots Kostas had taken us to a few days prior and the old monastery at the tip of the village which has the best views. We took a look inside a very cute bookshop called Atlantis books which resembled a wizardry bookshop you might find in Diagon Alley- Harry Potter style. The shop was piled to the roof with book shelves which protruded out in odd angles creating nooks and crannies you’d bend under or climb onto to view the selection. We then went to the only open cafe in Oia for some snacks and Greek Coffee- which somehow solidified into bitter coffee sludge! Me & Dan were then joined by Chloe from Liverpool and Schlok from New Jersey on a hike over the hills on the cliff side, to Karterados and back home. The walk took 2 1/2 hours and was fairly easy with only two big hills which got ya blood pumping. On the walk we were praised by our new friends on our ‘guidance’ and ‘tourguide’ skills, which got us thinking- what if we could provide loosely defined ‘tours’ or ‘trips’ for our guests with the possibility of a bit of extra cash here and there?! This was further considered when Schlok generously gave us €10 for showing him the ‘real Santorini’. These new ideas are floating round… Hmmm
When we returned from our walk we were joined by Branden from Malaysia, and sat in the living quarter drinking two €3.80, 3 litre bottles of Retsina (this wine resembles paint stripper or nail varnish remover) shotting Ouzo and playing the card game Shithead, until the early hours of the morning.
Today I’m feeling rather worse for wear as I hide out in my cave- which I’ve attached photos of below.
We have Chloe & Brandon here until Sunday and then no new guests until the following Thursday, which just so happens to be my 22nd Birthday! With no guests to entertain until then, I’m not sure what we will do with ourselves. Maybe study up on Facts about Santorini Island we can share in our new business!!
A few fun facts about Santorini thus far:
– you can’t flush toilet paper, you have to put it into bins beside the toilet- so yes, this means that every morning when we clean the rooms we have to empty peoples poo-y bins!!
-Another is that the water isn’t drinkable, it has an extremely high salt content and would do bad things to your tummy if drunk, we therefore can only drink bottled water.
– the dogs here at Caveland kill cats
– ouzo gives you bad hangovers!











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