22 and priorities are still the same… FOOD

I wake up as a fully fledged 22 year old, to a delicious breaky in bed from Dan, followed by a perfect sized rich chocolate mousse cake from the Grecian Bakery up the road. I’d been eyeing them up for weeks, layered mousse with cake, cream and icing, topped with nuts. Mmm mmm.
The plan for the day was to walk round Fira and try out a small plate from each of the few open restaurants in Fira. In the first week here I had mentioned that there seemed to be very few places open. This is indeed the case. In Fira, the capital, there are a few bakeries and Gyros shops, (kebab shops) a bank and two bar style places open, a total of 5 restaurants and maybe 3-4 ‘shops’ which sell over priced Greek jewellery and Santorini t-shirts etc. In terms of tourist attractions, there is 1 winery open on the island, the boat trips out to the volcano are limited, there are no donkey rides in operation, most tourist shops are closed and very few hotels, motels or hostels are open. It’s VERY quiet and we have had a few guests here at Caveland who have been disappointed to find the lack of ‘happenings’ on the island. Yesterday we walked to Oia with some Americans staying with us, in Oia there are 2 restaurants open, a bakery and a book shop open, and maybe 2 hotels. Apart from that, walking round all you hear and see are construction workers preparing the villas for the summer.
Anyway, me and Dan are enjoying the quietness, you can imagine the chaos that hits the island in summer when 100,000 people replace the relaxed 13,000… It would be carnage. But then again, as a poor traveller, the island is built for tourism. The shops are aimed at tourists who I assume must be drunk in order to spend the amount of money they are asking for, and the beaches are lined with bars which are currently all closed but would be the prime spot for all those that like to model their 6 packs and push up bras.

Anyway me and Dan leave at a leisurely 12pm and head up to Fira to try some cuisine with the generous birthday money I have been given from Lynne (Dans mum) and Alex & Pauline ( Grandpa and Nan). After walking past a lot of closed doors we find a cute little restaurant with a beautiful deck. After studying the pricey menu we stick to Tzasiki & bread and a glass of house wine each. This cost us €12.80. So from here we decided to buy some yummy foods, and alcoholic beverages, pack a picnic and head to the beach.

Our picnic consisted of Feta, blue cheese, fresh bread, homemade Greek salad, Argentinian cured beef (very strange beef coated in chilli), capers, tomato crisps and gin and tonic!! We headed for Perissa which is at the southern end of the island , where the walk up to the Monastery had ended the other day. All the beaches are black sand beaches on the island.
When we arrived and attempted to set up camp we were bombarded by 5 or so dogs who were having the time of their lives running riot. All of them had collars on but here dogs seem to roam wherever they like, often in the middle of the road, or like the dog at Caveland Goofy, choosing who and where they want to live! We finally managed to settle, eat some verrrry nice food, drink some gin and listen to the waves- joined by a very cute wee puppy who kept trying to sneak some crumbs.
We were told the last bus left at 6.10, but by 7.15 we were losing hope so called a taxi and paid a whopping €17 to get to Katerados, a 15 minute car ride, only to see the bus drive past in once arriving home. Greek time is slightly different to what the clocks say.
On arriving home the table in our cave was piled with pressies!!!!! Beautiful syrup cupcakes from Kostas, Sebastian and Veronika, the best cupcakes EVER. And a selection of the best Santorini products from my mama!!! 3 bottles of wine, Santorini cheery tomato paste and sauce, 3 packets of Fava Beans, Caper leaves and some beautiful red wine vinegar which is aged for 5 years. I’m a very lucky 22 year old indeed.

Today I spent the day using my new Santorini produce to create a Greek feast! I started by attempting sourdough bread.. Which I left to rise.. But still hasn’t.. I then researched what I can make with Fava beans and found a few recipes on Fava Bean Dip. So I boiled the Fava beans for about 30 minutes, at 15 minutes I added half an onion, finely chopped and two table spoons olive oil. I then added a few caper leaves. Once boiled I used a mortar and pestle to mash the beans into a thick paste with some garlic and added a few teaspoons of red wine vinegar, to serve I added lemon juice and oil and garnished with diced onion. Because my bread wasn’t rising I made potato chips cooked in Rosemary and fresh olive oil, and I made Tomato Fritters which we had tried on our first day out with Kostas and Veronika.

Tomato Fritters

– 4 ripe tomatoes
– 1 onion diced
– fresh herbs (parsley, oregano, mint)
– capers
– 1 1/2 cups flour
– oil to fry.

(I also added a tablespoon of cherry tomato paste)

Once all combined, heat oil in a pan and place heaped spoonfuls into the pan. Cook until golden brown on both sides.

I then made a small Greek salad and following the recipe for Fava Bean dip, accompanied the meal with a beautiful Santorini. Dry White Wine. It was beautiful!!!!!!









3 thoughts on “22 and priorities are still the same… FOOD

  1. yoyo says:

    We are thinking you’ve found your niche! Eating and providing recipes from around the world! You could travel for ever!! xxx

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