Fishing #1

Today we had some good news, and celebrated by each buying a block of chocolate. I chose a delicious 3 layered, milk chocolate covering white, covering caramel!
The good news: last night I ‘searched’ the inter web for some potential summer jobs in Europe. Long story short, I applied for a position for me & Dan at a Field Study centre in the South of France. This morning we had an interview with the head of the centre and discussed ‘details’ these ‘details’ implied we had a very good chance of getting the job… Potentially…not jinxing it. So it was a cause for celebration.
The centre is called the Eagles Nest, it is one of two field work centres run by Discovery LTD based in the UK. The other centre is in Morocco. The Eagles Nest is situated 1314 metres high (nearly as high as Ben Nevis!) in the core of Parc National Des Cevennes, a national park in the South of France. So you may be imagining me, and why on earth I would have any interest in working at a field work centre. Well, our position would be live in hosts. We would be doing similar work to what we are doing currently in Caveland, plus an extra 50 beds and a few more people. It’s a good opportunity, and it’s good money… And it’s surrounded by amazing mountains, Oh, and the best part, we work mid April to the end of July, have August off and return for September and October. That’s the seller right there, the best month OFF. We find out on Friday so fingers and toes crossed.

We went fishing today. The walk to the wharf was more exciting than the event itself. Three of the dogs that live here at Caveland followed us there, these dogs are completely out of control. If they want to listen to you they will, if they don’t… Then they give you the ‘screw you’ scoff as they trot towards the car tooting at them. They chase cats not for fun, but to eat them, many a time we had to pretend we did not know them as they cornered a cat on a fence. And three times we had to help them find the entry point to which they had somehow got stuck behind someone’s fence! But they are a lot of fun.

Goofy is the spotty goofy looking one. He’s a bit retarded.
Nata the the small white one (more white)
And Mini is the other white one (more black)










4 Comments Add yours

  1. tanyakristin says:

    Fingers crossed, sounds fabulous job
    I like your dogs

  2. yoyo says:

    Dan and I.. x

    1. tanyakristin says:

      Did you catch anything?

      1. thisbeparepa says:

        Nope! The weather was pretty rubbish, that’s why it’s fishing number 1. Fishing number 2 will be up next

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