Money on the horizon

Since my last post me and Dan have been pottering around Caveland, fixing up bamboo chairs, lying in the SUN (we misjudged the suns capability as it’s winter, and both got very sunburnt backs yesterday!) and reading. An air of relaxation has come about since we found out last week we got the job in the South of France working as hosts in a field work centre called The Eagles Nest. A weight has lifted from our shoulders as the promise of an income in the future is guaranteed. We celebrated in the form of alcohol, macaroni cheese and gelato! Not all together! This job starts on the 13th of April when we fly from Istanbul to Marseille. We work there until the end of July, when we have a month off in August. Because the school children who would frequent the field work centre will be on school holidays so we are not required. Then return for September and October. Our aim from October is to try and go straight into a ski resort job for the winter months!
So it’s all very exciting. It also means we have 13 days in April to explore Turkey with enough money so as to be ‘holidaying tourists’ and indulge every now and again, I will update closer to the time of our 13 day itinerary which I have already begun planning.
We have been doing yoga twice a week for the past three weeks and are both enjoying it a lot, I have surprised myself with my flexibility and when focussing on the proper breath for yoga have found myself being able to do more, for longer. And of course there’s always the sly smile at Dan as we do the rocking on our backs which is supposed to massage the indigestion system… And make you fart!!!! I have also been helping Veronika out on a Wednesday 12-1pm with Yoga For Babies. Which I took as, mothers doing yoga while holding their babies. However I found during my first session as I had to ‘coo’ at my invisible baby that no, it is yoga for the babies… My job being there is to help if the crawling or walking babies run off, to distract them with toys and make sure they don’t tottle off outside. The babies are placed in positions such as a baby head stand, or bending of the legs to the hands to encourage association with left and right in conjunction with the mothers practising their breathing techniques or doing basic standing poses. It is interesting, Veronika’s baby Sebastian is used to doing the yoga and is very relaxed by it, and in the chanting of ‘OMMMMM’ he joins in!

This afternoon me and Dan wandered out to a rocky island just off the end of Fira. Goofy the dog has become our third team member and will accompany us where ever we go, (even to the bar for 4 or so hours on Saturday) so he totalled along behind us, we even picked up a few strays on the journey. As we walked down the path to the stairs leading to the rock island, we walked amongst all the amazing villas which are rented out in the summer. Veronika was telling us how the construction of most villas on the island are done without permits and therefore are not insured as they will not give permits, because they don’t know how much the cliff tops can handle. This doesn’t seem to stop anything, more and more construction happens in order to provide for the huge number of tourists willing to fork out hundreds of thousand for a ‘villa on Santorini’ in the summer. I’ve attached some photos of a pool we walked past on the walk down, which we had a sneaky cool off in on the walk back. It had no safety precautions, and it was on the cliff edge. Amazing.. But slightly stupid. I’ve also attached a photo of the empty, closed streets in Fira to give an example of what walking around in Fira is like, and imagine with the amount of people here in summer what it’d look like then! And there’s a photo of the rock island from afar and from close up.

Baklava from the local bakerie for dessert!!
And then onto our second of 8 in our Harry Potter marathon!







20140212-185857.jpg p







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