A tick off the ‘To Do’ list

One of our ‘To Do’s’ while here has been, to swim in the Agean Sea!
Since arrival it’s looked spectacular, it’s almost torturous on a hot (ish) day to look down at that shimmering deep blue water, and no that it’d be freeeezing!
But within the last week or so the weather has reached temperatures of around 18 and been clear blue skies so we have managed, not one, but two dips! (I wouldn’t classify them as swims as it’s still a bit too chilly)
On Valentines day we ventured to Perissa (Black Beach) with some guests staying, Canadians. Drank some cheap wine, Retsina, ate some Pringles and had our first chilly dip in the Agean!!
On a side note about the guest who have been visiting Caveland while we’ve been here, the majority of the guests staying have been Canadian, from all over Canada. We had a few French Canadian, BC Canadian and one I hadn’t heard of, NewFoundLand. The twang of Irish and Canadian in the NewFoundLand accent is very interesting and caught me completely off guard. “I’m sorry, can you repeat ‘about’?” “Abouwwt”!!! It’s been fantastic meeting all these people, hearing why and how they got here, their recommendations and where they are off to next. Santorini does seem to attract those running away from bad break ups!

Back to the weather, the sea and the sun. Yesterday the weather was beautiful, the hottest it’s been with crystal clear blue skies. So we ventured to the beach just 20 minutes down the hill from Caveland, in Katerados. It was spectacular, the water was warmer, it was beautiful clear water and the sun was reliable in its on going production of heat! (Don’t you hate it when you get to the beach, jump in the eater and and just when you lie down to dry off and catch some rays, the sun goes behind a cloud!) We went swimming with Goofy, our trusty companion, did some sunbathing (our white bodies practically glowing) and enjoyed the arrival of summer.

Also, I ordered some Jellies off an Australian website, and after 6-7 weeks they have finally arrived. Out with the Dock Martins, in with the jellies!!!!







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