Social ising ?! Say what?!

With the arrival of Candice, a freelance writer from NewFoundland, and Inbal from Israel we’ve been doing a fair bit of socialising. It’s been a while! On Friday night we invested in some €2.50 retsina and proceeded to drink it. The night began with singing lessons from the jazz singer/Lawyer, Inbal, and continued on to Candice’s quote of the night “All writers are alcoholics, if you didn’t know.” As she stumbled her way down the path.
Our group grew throughout the night as an Argentinian couple from another room joined us. Once all our Retsina was gone, and Candice could no longer speak English, we ventured to Fira to have a wee boogie. After Candice demanded we sing ‘riptide’ all the way to Fira, we made it in one piece and found a busy bar/club. The night panned out well, we got one free drink after our €10 entrance fee!!! And dominated the narrow dance floor until the early hours.
On Saturday we woke up to the smell of pancakes drifting underneath the door, as Inbal stuck to her promise from the night before “I will cook you pancakes for breakfast!” And that she did… Beautiful fluffy pancakes with bacon for us meat eaters, honey, Nutella, and even icing sugar for decoration. After a luxurious hungover breakfast we relaxed with Inbals facemasks from the DeadSea. This was enjoyed more for the funny photos than for the ‘smooth as a babies bottom’ skin… Bit of a crock if you ask me. But none the less, if anyone asks, I have put mud on my face, that is from the Dead Sea! The day continued with watching 300, baking pizza and getting a much needed early night.
Today we walked to Oia, again, with Candice this time. And Goofy, our beloved third member. The aim was to take some piccys on Dans snazzy camera, and to get a few books from the fantastic bookshop, Atlantis. But we arrived at Atlantis to have the gentleman tell us, he was feeling a bit under the weather so decided not to open. I held back from yelling “You selfish man, do you not realise how far we walked to get here?!!” He had a cold… Awwww. I shouldn’t judge, if I could choose when to open or close work, I too would opt for closing at the slightest sniffle.
We stopped in Oia for some food, we shared a seafood platter for €18.50 between us. It was okay… To be honest, all the times me and Dan have splashed out and eaten out, while here on Santorini, it has always disappointed me. Re-heated microwaved moussaka, not fresh seafood, small portions… Just in general, not what you’d expect for your monies worth. I’m sure in the summer, with more options, that’s when Santorini really lives up to its name as one of the top culinary spots on the world. Or maybe it’s the view… And people are blinded by it, into thinking their dry chewy octopus is actually good… No it’s the view that’s good, not the dry chewy octopus tentacle you are still trying to chew through.
Our last week is approaching (tomorrow) and I’ve already shed a tear about the prospect of leaving Goofy… I think we may buy him a bed. As a way of reassuring ourselves he’s at least going to be comfy sleeping outside, even if we aren’t there to cuddle, play, walk, and just generally hang out with him. Oh I sound pathetic.

One week left, lots to do. Like sleep some more.







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