Efxaristo Caveland

Our final day in Caveland, on Santorini Island has arrived. Yesterday we packed, cleaned, played with the dogs and drank some cheap white wine. In the evening we had some farewell drinks with the guests staying at the moment, and taught them some classic bad, drinking games. Today we were taken out for a lunch with Veronika and Kostas. We went to Kyra Niki, a restaurant in Katerados heading towards Fira town. It was hands down the best meal we have had since being in Greece. Kostas ordered the food and one by one each plate came out, was eaten in a matter of minutes and replaced by another one just as delicious. Tapas style. It started with a crispy cheese basket, filled with feta, capers, onion and cherry tomato. Fried mozzarella sticks. Stuffed cabbage leaves filled with rice and mince. White eggplant served in a vinaigrette sauce. Meat balls served with tomato purée and rice. Meat patty served with four cheese Sauce and French fries. Pork fillet covered in feta and capsaicin served with handcut fries. Accompanied with a lovely dry white wine. Followed by small donuts covered in sesame seeds and honey.
Every dish was absolutely delicious and consumed within minutes.
We are very happy to finish our trip having tried Greek food at its best.
Our time in Santorini has been amazing, Caveland has become our home and we are sad to leave.. To leave our cosy cave, our Goofy, and the other dogs who all wait outside our door every morning. Veronika and Kostas have been amazing and shown us how fantastic Santorini is, without all the tourist traps. Caveland as a hostel is definitely the best on the island, not only for its cheap prices, but for its authentic style, it’s homely decor, the dogs, the pool, the location, the yoga, the owners!! It’s the best and we are very lucky to have had the chance to stay for so long. We will be back… Maybe next summer!!!
As for now, an afternoon siesta after all that food, then at 3am we head to the port where we catch a ferry to Rhodes..an 18 hour ferry ride. I spent half of yesterday cooking Tzatziki, homemade bread, orzo salad, lemon coconut cake and Fava bean dip. We will not go hungry!!!








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  1. tanyakristin says:

    Stunning sounding and looking food – I want to visit Santorini now

  2. The Global Recipe Project is seeking a recipe from Greece. I hope you’ll consider participating – it’s for a good cause! 🙂 More information about this Project is available at http://crowdedearthkitchen.com/global-recipe-project/

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