Outside the city walls, Rhodes

Our 7am ferry is cancelled… Bad weather they say as we stare at the calm sea ahead of us. Oh.
The 2pm is cancelled too.
So we settle in for another day in Rhodes!
We venture out of the city walls, heading towards the city ‘centre’ which most road signs point to.
It’s very odd, as soon as your out of the Old City, Rhodes resembles Nandi Fiji, in my eyes. Scooters everywhere, a bit grungy, kids running round everywhere, fruit & veggie markets, seafood stalls. If only we had cooking facilities, we could eat well and fairly cheap. As we are walking through a park we stumble upon an outside gym. Six pieces of gym equipment placed in the middle of the park for everyone to use! I think it’s a fabulous idea… Who needs a gym membership when you can just pop down to the local park and use the free equipment. We then find a ‘full size’ supermarket, (none of this mini market bullshit) with a bakery section, a hot food section full of stuffed calamari, prawns in risotto, mussels… Alongside baklava, spinach pie… Deliciousness. The only downside being that the food seems untouched, and it’s in a supermarket… Maybe we are being too cautious, but better to be safe than sorry! We end up going down random streets seemingly leading further into suburbs, supposedly leading to the town centre when we stumble upon an Aegean Food Market, inside a fish shop. It’s packed, which is a good sign! We walk in and to our left is the frozen seafood laid out on ice trays and to our right is a buffet style serving of BBQ octopus, prawns, squid, calamari, rice, Tzatziki, bread, shrimps and more. We line up and get one bowl of rice for €3 and 1/2 a serving of calamari, half of crumbed crab for €7. Again, the prices shock us, compared to what you get. We squish into the middle of a long table and dig in. As we survey the chaos surrounding us it’s phenomenal how much food everyone is getting considering each place is €7-€10. I don’t know whether the economic downfall in Greece is the cause for the outrageous prices, because the locals don’t seem to mind eating out,p. But to us, it seems insane to pay NZ$20 for a small bowl of rice and about 6 pieces of calamari and three crumbed crab legs. We paid for the environment more than the food, it was awesome sitting amongst it all though, men smoking, drinking ouzo, digging into their cockles, the women at the other end, smoking, gossiping and frantically peeling the prawns. Everyone shouting and quickly eating, quickly buying food… Always seemingly stressed. On the way home we stop off to get some supplies at the supermarket, it’s 1pm, and it’s closing for the day… Arghhh!!! The rain buckets down as we head back to our room, and we end up lost in the cobblestone paths of Old Rhodes for what seems like forever. We observe a car backing into a wall, knocking the wing mirror off, cursing loudly in Greek and continuing to back into a step. We think back to the taxi driver explaining to us on our arrival, that most cars in the old city either have no wing mirrors, or have folding wing mirrors. The streets are really too narrow for cars but those crazy Greeks don’t care!!
We set up for a cosy evening reading, hoping the ferry will be operating tomorrow.








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