Datca Bazaar

Saturday morning finally arrives! The day of the Datca town bazaar which we have heard all about… I’ve been itching to try some more of that delicious Turkish delight (surprisingly it IS better in Turkey!) and see what goods are on offer… I’m after some light shorts for working in. Which are crazily hard to find. Unless you want cheeky-bum short shorts which unfortunately, my bum tends to fill out a bit too much! If only… Although I am in Turkey, and Oscar has warned me that if I wear my current denim shorts in town I may be harassed by local builders who aren’t used to seeing women so scantily dressed! So maybe I should stick to pants for now.

Back to Saturday. Yesterday we began the large job of replanting Papaya trees, so this morning we carried on with this. Lake House Datca the name of the property we are working at, owned by Oscar and Lisa is the first in Datca to grow Papaya. How the seeds got here I’ll leave to the imagination, but the papaya grow fantastically well here.
Our job for the last few days has been to sort out which trees survived the bad wind over winter, by seeing if the roots are rotten or not.
Then to organise the rows of papaya trees so there is 2-3 metres between each tree, so the roots have plenty of room.
Who knew digging a hole could be SO hard?! I certainly didn’t. I’ve watched people dig in various situations in my life, but never have I myself, picked up the spade and felt the amount of force required to push the spade into the hard earth, let along pull it out again with dirt on it.. Which is the desired effect.
Let’s just say, I decided early on in the day that digging would get the better of me, so I’d stick to fixing the dying plants.
I was the Florence Nightingale for papaya.
After a busy morning in the 20 degree heat we very happily set off for this much talked about bazaar.
The Datca bazaar is situated right in the centre of town, only a 10-15 minute drive from Lake House Datca. Entering from the Main Street we were instantly bombarded with pitch after pitch of this that and another necklace, earring, shoe, blanket and so on. Entering first into the clothing section, we wandered past stall after stall, full of super cheap undies, jackets, bras, socks, t-shirts, jumpers. More noticeable for me and Dan in our summer gear, was the fact that all the clothing was winter clothing! I even had a lady approach me rubbing her shoulders and shivering, commenting on my bare arms… Its 20 degrees! This is glorious! The majority of the stalls were mass produced Chinese clothing, going for cheap, but the odd stall here and there had beautiful handmade jewellery.

After a delicious chicken sandwich for lunch, and a small purchase of a stone necklace, we head to the grocery section. Oscar and Lisa buy all their food for the week from the market as it’s fresher and cheaper. Me and Dan look round the cheese and olive section, testing out the various types of olives and spices on display.
We bought some very yummy Turkish delight, rose flavoured, lemon flavoured, pommy granite flavoured and coconut covered.
“Merhaba!” We chanted… (Hello!!)










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