Oludeniz and Tommy’s Boat Trip

After a crazy Dolmus (minibus) ride from Fethiye, we arrive with all our limbs, thankfully, in the small town of Oludeniz. We get dropped right outside our accommodation, The Sugar Beach Club, which offers camping, caravans and very cute wee dorm rooms, plus it’s own private beach right on the blue lagoon, and a restaurant.
Unluckily for us, as it’s STILL the winter season, (Pffft it’s 23 degrees!!!) the restaurant isn’t open, and no cooking facilities are open.
But we are happy enough to pitch a tent and make the most of our own private blue lagoon swimming spot.
After basking in the hot afternoon sun, as if we are seals desperately soaking in the sun rays, very white ones, we head to the main cafe strip to get some food.
On the walk to the recommended restaurant, we are given a very appealing sales pitch from Tommy, about Tommy’s Boat Trip for the following day. The price is great, coming to €12 each for a 11am-4.30pm trip to 6 different locations including a BBQ lunch of either chicken or fish.
Bearing in mind, this is off season prices… The perks of travelling in the off season, in the high season this trip costs €30 each. We book it then and there, excited that our initial plan of doing some kind of boat trip will come true.
For dinner we go to Kumsal Pide, which is located at the very end of Oludeniz beach. The BEST seafood rolls in the world… Mussels, prawns, octopus, crab, rolled into a thick spring roll.. Delicious. And most definitely worth the 10TL (€3). We share one of these and a double meat and cheese pide, along with a beer and a vodka.

The following morning, after being serenaded by the neighbouring rooster for an hour,we get up and head to Kumsal Pide for a reconfirmation of how good it is. It passes with flying colours, 12TL for a Turkish breakfast including a coffee.
We head to Tommy’s boat which is anchored on Oludeniz beach. The boat itself is a smallish wooden, sailboat, slash yacht with three small decks, lined with bean bags and sun beds. We position ourselves on the top deck, marvelling at our exciting day ahead.
Perks of being a poor backpacker= boat trips are EXCITING, being brought drinks while sunbathing is LUXURY!

First stop is the blue caves, which we ogle at from the boat, crystal blue water shimmering inside caves at the bottom of sheer rock faces.
Second stop is Butterfly valley, known for the waterfall, a 1/2 hour walk away which has an abundance of butterflies. We don’t have time to venture there unfortunately, so wander delicately round the beach and grass area, while the residents of the island stare at us, as if we are invaders and aliens all at once. It reminded me of The Beach.
We went for a splash in the beautifully warm ocean and then boarded again.
Throughout the day we sipped on vodka and lemonade, Dan on Effes, his new favourite beer, costing 6TL per drink. (Approx €1.50)
For lunch we stopped at Camel Beach, the boat anchoring just off the beach.
The BBQ was positioned on the lower deck, the smell of bbqing fish and chicken wofting up.
Throughout the day the boat would stop at various islands, Rabbit Island, Aquarium Island, etc, and we would jump off the boat, snorkel, and then board again, to be brought another round of drinks. It was glorious.
This was all topped off by dolphins swimming along beside us as we sailed back to Oludeniz Beach!!
Highly recommend this boat trip if your visiting Oludeniz, was a fantastic way to spend the day.















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