Turkey’s public transport

From the moment we stepped off the boat in Marmaris we were made aware how efficient the public transport system is here and this has continued throughout our, now nearly 2 month journey.

We have taken two overnight buses and multiple dolmus’s since we’ve been here, all have been amazingly efficient, excellently priced and most have been very swanky rides!
With a language barrier, public transport can be tough, but as longs you can pronounce the name of where your heading, you’ll get organised from the moment you step on. Whether that means getting dropped off on a street corner to wait for another, the drivers are always helpful and get you to where your going. The longest Dolmus ride that we took, took 4 hours and cost us 20TL each. It’s a very cheap and easy way to get round!

From Fethiye to Göreme we took an overnight bus with the bus company Suha, boarding to find every seat fitted with a TV, a snack served and a beverage. Such a fantastic way to travel. Unfortunately the tv’s were in Turkish but the comfy seats made up got it. The bus ride was 13 hours and cost 60TL, €20.
Our second overnight bus was just one night later from Göreme to Istanbul. We decided to try a different bus company, Metro.
On boarding we found every sit fitted with a device similar to an iPad. This offered the option of English in TV, a fantastic selection of movies, games and some Haley Westenra to serenade your ears. The seats were less comfy but there was a bit more space per person. This bus took 12 hours and cost the same, 60TL.




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