Hamam in Göreme

The Turkish Bath, called a hamam, is a must do in Turkey.
In some places they are more expensive than others, Istanbul offer them for 70TL per person and Göreme offered us 55TL per person. We were weary about the idea of having someone scrub us, but after an overnight bus from Fethiye and a day full of activities ahead we thought, why not!
On arrival, Dan was taken off to the men’s section, me to the women’s. I was told to strip off and wrap the towel round me.
I was then laid on a sun bed, inside, and a clay mask was painted on my face. I was then linked arms with a smiling Turkish women and walked to the sauna where I was told to wait until the timer went off. After the sauna I walked through a door into a shower/pool complex, which led into a huge marble room with a giant marble hexagon stone in the middle of the room. I had a shower and was led to the marble stone, my towel was removed and I was told to lie naked on the hot marble stone. A smiling Turkish women in a red sparkly bikini top began scrubbing me down with a hand mitten, on both sides. I was fairly uncomfortable at the beginning but once I relaxed and thought about how many naked bodies she must’ve seen, I began to relax.
After the scrub down I was given a bubble massage, which was glorious, and a rinse down.
I was then led to the pool, naked, where I was told to go for a swim. After my swim a towel was wrapped round my body, and one round my hair, I was given some apple tea and led to a table full of all the ladies who worked there.
As it was lunchtime they graciously sat me down with them, gave me some bread stuffed with egg and salad and we had a nice lunch together, me in my towel! It was really fabulous, trying to communicate where I was from, drinking apple tea, and having some more bread and cheese. They all referred to me as ‘Lady’ and were so friendly.
Dans experience of a hamam was only slightly different, as he got a massage/punching from a large hairy Turkish man and a steaming jacuzzi instead of a slow swim in a Luke warm pool!
The Turkish lady who ran the hotel said she goes twice a week to the Hamam… Wouldn’t that be nice! Your skin would be so smooth.

Definitely one of the best experiences we have had in Turkey, highly memorable and nothing like I’ve ever experienced!






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