Turkish coffee

Number two of my food reviews.
Turkish coffee is an experience to be tried by all, at least once.
Anyone with a palate for a strong, bitter, kick-you-in-the-teeth type drink.

The English word ‘coffee’ first came to be used in the 1600’s, derived from the Turkish word ‘Kahveh’. The traditions surrounding coffee in this part of the world are as old as the are brilliantly simple.
Cooked in a small copper pot, a cezve, on red hot coals, the coffee beans are ground into almost powder, boiled for around 2 minutes, at which point the coffee sinks and a thick crema forms on the top.
The surface is then lightly skimmed to remove any split particles left on the surface, then this thick black viscous liquid, complete with grounds is poured into a cup about twice the size of a standard espresso cup and served with an ice cold glass of water.
As for the taste, very strong, bitter and with a very nutty aftertaste.
The experience I would recommend to anyone, seen as it will only set you back 3.50TL. A cheap insight into a rich culture throughout Turkey.

Written by Daniel Fearnley

Here is a montage of my first experience tasting Turkish coffee… Bearing in mind, I usually drink a latte with 1 sugar.
Dan loved it




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