Number three of my food reviews.

My mother wishing to live vicariously through me, as I try out scrumptious foods for her, sent us on the task of finding Beşiktaş Kaymakçı. A tiny shop which has been in business since 1895, serving a plate of kaymak, a Turkish breakfast of clotted cream, honey and bread, served with hot milk. We liked the sound of that so dedicated a whole day to finding this wee gem.

As we set out for the day we entrusted our navigation in Google maps, through previous experience we’d found that many Turkish people have the tendency to get their ‘lefts’ and ‘rights’ confused, making for a very roundabout journey.
The journey to Beşiktaş gave us an understanding of where we were staying within Istanbul and along the way we discovered a new, cheaper side of town.
We found Beşiktaş Kaymakçı fairly easily after a 1-2 hour stroll from Sultanahment. The shop looking like the only one on the street that has been there since 1895, we knew we’d found it… It’s faded blue exterior and cracked marble counter top inviting us in. The tiny eatery walls lined with photos of the 84 year old couple serving, in their younger days, old newspaper articles, trip adviser reviews and worn photographs of the cows that started it all!

We ordered one kaymak to share, and one glass of steaming milk for Dan, costing us 8TL.
The clotted cream scooped out of a metal bowl, put on a tiny plate, covered in honey, served with 4-5 slices of fresh bread. The milk, hot, and fresh from the farm… For milk lovers, it’s as good as it gets!
Unsure what to expect we spread the thick goodness onto our bread and bit into it… Mmmmmmmmm DELICIOUS!!
But really, thick cream covered in honey… you can’t go wrong there!
It was so good! I’m sure we could’ve eaten one each, but it was fairly rich so one portion between us was enough, and left us wanting more.
I asked the gentleman running the shop, Pando, if I could take his photograph and he happily obliged. Pointing to his photos on the walls in his younger days.

It’s a must-do in Istanbul.

Address: Köyiçi Meydanı Sokak, Beşiktaş
Telephone: 212-258-2616







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