Food in Turkey

Throughout our 6 weeks in Turkey I was one of those people who took photos of their food… My excuse being ‘it’s for my blog’.
I just had to document what we were eating, and share it with you all!

Kuneffe: a shredded wheat dessert, done in three layers. A layer of shredded wheat, with a layer of melted cheese in the middle, another layer of shredded wheat, covered in a thick honey syrup and baked.
We found Kuneffe more popular towards Istanbul, where they dedicate a whole day to it! And there are multiple shops which specialise in Kuneffe.

Stuffed mussels in Istanbul: 1TL per mussel, each mussel filled with a spicey, flavoursome rice.

Sufucs Breakfast in Göreme: our favourite cafe in Göreme did an awesome breakfast for 20TL for two people, it consisted of fried eggplant, potatoes, onions, garlic, mushrooms, covered in a tomato and herb purée, served with bread.

Corn in a pottle: Everywhere in Istanbul sold corn, either corn on the cob, grilled or steamed, or corn pieces in a cup mixed with curry powder and topped with Mayo & ketchup. 1TL per cup.

Turkish Pida: Turkish pida is the Turkish style pizza, done in an oval shape with minimalist toppings, averaging at 15TL per pida. Me and Dan would eat one each. We were told by locals that tourists enjoy the pida bread more than Turkish people do, preferring Itallian style pizza.

Seafood stalls: You pick your fish seafood, pay for it, and choose which restaurant you want to cook it up for you. In Fethiye the average cost of a nice fish was 20TL plus 6TL for Restaurant to fry it up and serve it with bread and salad. We saw this style throughout Turkey! But more expensive in Istanbul.

Turkish kebab: In Istanbul we lived on kebabs as they were the cheapest food to purchase, around 3.50TL-7TL depending on where in the city you were. The kebabs were served on a soft bread, almost like a flat ciabatta bun, with salad.

Fish sandwich: In Istanbul, beside Galata bridge there are numerous places to purchase a fish sammie, the best being the boats to the right of Galata bridge on Sultanahmet side, which are all in a line, all selling 4TL fried fish sandwiches. They are very basic but pretty good if your on the go!!

And of course, backlava, and all the other sweetie goodness that’s always on offer in Turkey, from deep fried donuts covered in syrup to chocolate cake covered in syrup, everything sweet is very very SWEEEET.












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