Rafting Gorge Du Tarn

School and university groups that visit The Eagles Nest have curriculum requirements set, based on geography and biology papers they are doing. While staying, they will do a variety of activities which either, give them the opportunity to do field work such as the trip to the coastline and to the summit of Mount Lozere, or to view conservation projects in the area, such as the trip to the bisons, the vultures and the beavers. With the opportunity of us, staff members joining on the rafting trip which observes the beaver conservation project, we jump at the chance.
The weather is glorious, the Gorge du Tarn is spectacular, and we are set and ready for some serious paddling.
Unlike white water rafting, this rafting is only a scale 1,2 and 3. Gauging the level of intensity of the rapids. The group we accompany are particularly moody 16 year olds who’d rather not put their paddle in the water, so Dan and I get a pretty good workout. We cruise down the river for about an hour, picking up speed through the rapids and slowing to snail pace in the flat. The kids observe the presence of beavers through the habitat on either side of the river, and we even spot one as it builds it’s wee wood den! Vultures soar overhead, the sun shines down, the river shimmering a deep green… It was very stunning!!








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