Trip to the French Alps

Last winter Dan and I tried to secure a ski season job, as waitress/waiters, but unfortunately for us, the company we pinned our hopes on, had all it’s previous staff return. This year I was extremely proactive and got into hunting out a job early, nearly not early enough though, as most chalet and hotel companies have full staff by May.
On getting an interview offer with Alpine Action to run a chalet as a couple host, we jump at the chance and book a hire car for the long journey to Mèribel.

From Mende to Mèribel google maps predicted 5 1/2 hours, however due to Dans complete refusal to pay for toll roads, this journey managed to stretch into 7… A drive full of very complicated directions taking us through the back roads of no where…
Ending in Mèribel..
We arrive to be shown the chalet we will stay in for the night, in the heart of Mèribel, overlooking the enormous, very spectacular French alps.
Much like Santorini Island, Mèribel and La Tania have an ‘off season’, in the off season your lucky to find a bar open, any daily goings-on apart from construction, and your not going to see the best of what it has to offer.
We were taken for a wee tour of Mèribel, which consists of a small Main Street filled with ski hire shops, bars and restaurants, and a looping street of chalets… One after the other, all perfectly brown, and square their angular roofs, which resemble the houses on my Christmas calendars as a child.
The ski lift is at the bottom of town, beside the aquatic centre, a short 10 minute walk from the Main Street. We are shown the one bar open in the whole valley, where we can purchase a ridiculously overpriced meal… If we want…HA.

The following day we have our interview… And… Drum role….
We get the job with flying colours.
We are told a chalet which would be suited to us, Cote Coeur in La Tania, so we drive on over to check it out.
La Tania was recommended to us by friends as it’s more family orientated with less of a party scene. Less, as in only 4-5 bars instead of streets lined with them… Money saving could go drastically wrong!
Driving round the left hand side of the mountain towards La Tania, a short 10 minute drive from Mèribel, we breathe a sigh as one of the many enormous snowy peaks protrudes up in front of us…
La Tania is much cosier, the Main Street has four to five bars, a few smaller hotels, and the chalets are located just out of the main centre, off to the right, winding up a loop road.
We find Cote Coeur and imagine ourselves tucked inside, with snow falling all round, the hot tub bubbling away, the fire on…
And then remember that we’ll be waiting on guests.. Hah!!
All in all… We secure a job for the winter which starts on the1st of December and runs until the 20th of April. SUCCESS!







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