Fat, Sick and nearly Dead

I’ve always enjoyed my fresh juices, swearing that if I have my favourite juice every day – my favourite being carrot, apple, orange and ginger, I won’t get sick. I enjoy the taste, I feel like I’m being healthy and having some of my daily fruit and vegetable intake.
When Karolina, a naturopathy graduate and our fellow work mate at The Eagles Nest suggested we take a juice fast for 10 days, I scoffed.
My understanding of juice fasting is that you starve for the time your doing it, maybe lose some weight, but as soon as you finish the weight goes on double as fast because your body feels the need to store food.
I wasn’t having a bar of it. I’d rather continue my daily exercise regime, of using the rowing machine and/or taking a walk, and aiming to eat healthy…ish.
However, one night, after a breakfast of French toast (I taught the kitchen staff what REAL French toast tastes like.) a lunch of carbonara, and a dinner of lamb shanks, Crete Fraiche mash and green beans, followed by chocolate fondant… Karolina suggested we watch Fat Sick and Nearly Dead a documentary directed by Joe Cross and Kurt Engfur about Joe’s 60 day juice fast, and the health benefits he discovered while completing it. I was skeptical. It began cheeeeesy… Patronising almost.. Cartoons describing scientific analogies… But then it got interesting. The documentary took us on a journey of Joe beginning, as an overweight unwell Australian 40 year old man, and taking us on his journey as he travels America talking to people he meets about what he is undertaking as he completes his 60 day juice fast. The things I found interesting were, one lady he encountered who suffered from daily migraines. She undertook a full 60 day fast.. Resulting in her having no more migraines, by incorporating juice into her daily routine. A man he met who was incredibly overweight, and this mans journey of discovering a new way of living, through doing a 60 day fast. He lost 30 kg within 4 weeks, his blood pressure dropped, his energy levels rose, he was taken off his medication and given an incentive to keep going. But it’s not the fasting that makes you lose the weight, it’s the beginning of a new eating pattern which focuses on eating fresh raw foods- after seeing the effects of only having vegetable juice.
But these juices aren’t my favourite… Green juices he calls them. Beetroot, celery, Kale, courgette, spinach, carrots, ginger, lemons, blueberries, oranges, apples, lettuce, tomatoes, onions. The reasoning for having juices is that you can consume more vegetables in one juice than you would if you sat down for a meal of vegetables. Aiming to drink 3 litres of juice from vegetables per day.
It intrigued me. So Dan and I decided to commit. We would do a 10 day juice fast and see where it took us… How it effected us.

I read multiple articles, telling me it’s as bad for the body as yoyo dieting, but I also read plenty more counter arguments. Particularly on the website FMTV Food Matters which provides information on the health benefits of juice fasting, documentaries and recipes.
Dan and I consider ourselves healthy people, we like vegetables, we like being active, but we also like cake and chocolate and hash browns. Particularly since we arrived in France, we’ve both been feeling slightly overweight, slightly doughy and wanting to get back on track. So why not give this a go… And see what happens.
We took photos of us before… To have something to compare it to at the end. To encourage us to keeeeep going! I will document our journey.


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