Day 4: I HATE juice.. & the Pont de Montvert craft fair

Day 4 arrived and the idea of juice made my throat tighten, I had a sip of a concoction Dan made for me and gagged.

My bodies rejecting it.. I told myself. I didn’t want apple juice, nor orange, if any, I wanted vegetable juice, no sweetness, if I had to..
I was resenting juice, the thought of it, the look of it, that brown green liquid..yuck.
I began this juice fast with the intention of understanding WHY people do it, HOW it’s good for you and I wanted to see if I COULD do it. I set myself a 10 day fast.. a number I pulled out of a hat.. a large number which I miscalculated and was misinformed in choosing, but a number none the less.

Throughout the past three days of juice fasting, I have made the daily announcement to my boyfriend, Dan, and our three work friends who are also fasting with us, that I think we should all have some food…
In the hope that they all turn around and say “Good idea Milly…”
But everyday, all four of them look at me in disappointment.
This is when I whip out my inspirational fitness quotes
“I’m doing this for ME and only ME.” I tell myself this to remind myself why I chose to do this… but even then my inner voice is drowned out by my hunger pains.
My advice to all those thinking of undertaking a juice fast, I would say the most beneficial thing is having support, having other people doing it with you. I wouldn’t have lasted past day 1 if it weren’t for Dan, encouraging me that we CAN do it… That we don’t actually need food as much as we think we do. The support AND the competition, I didn’t want to be ‘the’ one who caved.. the one who couldn’t handle the jandal.

However, by the end of Day 4, Dan and I had caved… We decided that we had achieved as best we could, for our first juice fast, and we had done BLOODY WELL!

Four days without eating seems quite the achievement and it had been very interesting watching our bodies go through the different stages of detoxification. Basically, the hunger pains were too much, the weakness by Day 4 hadn’t gone, and we had had enough… there was no more motivation….All I wanted was some tomato soup!

This experience encouraged us to try and lead  a healthier lifestyle- corny I know. BUT the fact is, you live longer if you put good, nutritious products into your body. We now have the aim to lead a predominantly vegan/ Raw food diet, with one day juice fasting per week, and one cheat day per week- where we allow ourselves to have that craving…mmm chocolate.

The time I enjoyed this fast the most, was in the mornings. I have never woken up at 6am with so much energy before… The middle of the days was okay… I was usually weaker as the day went on, and towards dinner time was the worst. This was when I hated it.

So, as Dan and I contemplated what we’d like to eat for DINNER, we ventured to the annual Pont de Montvert Craft fair. Operating Wednesday-Sunday. As we entered the cobble stone streets, the smell of crepes wafted into your our starved nostrils… We wandered round the cute town of Pont, marvelling at all the arts and crafts we couldn’t afford.

One treat we could afford was a jar of Creme de Marron. Sweet chestnut syrup… a well deserved treat.

Tomato soup for dinner was THE best. One small glass bowl did the trick, and sent us into a dreamy food comer… Oh how I’d missed food. DSCF0402 DSCF0387 DSCF0389 DSCF0393 DSCF0394 DSCF0395 DSCF0397 DSCF0398 DSCF0405 DSCF0411 DSCF0413


2 thoughts on “Day 4: I HATE juice.. & the Pont de Montvert craft fair

    1. thisbeparepa says:

      Yes, but the idea behind the juice fast is to give your digestion system a rest, and tomato juice has fibre in it which requires digestion, but it IS healthy all the same!

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