Life after juice

You’d think after not eating for four days it’d be hard to contain your ‘animal sees food’ instinct… The gorging where you resemble a lion who’s just captured it’s first meal in a while…food all over the face, hands involved, everything and anything. Especially with so much food readily available. However, the first three days off the fast were bizarrely unpleasant, headaches, unsure what to eat and unsure of how much as my stomach was a new size I hadn’t encountered before. The headaches were caused by the build up of toxins which occurs during a fast, because we cut the fast 3 days short, toxins were still floating round the body… According to Karolina the naturotherapy grad. So she fed me some tree bark powder.. Which formed a brown hot glu. This aimed to bind together the toxins… But in all honesty it seemed to make me slightly constipated.

But despite my newfound relationship with food- which was less so than ever before- food makes me HAPPY, I realised that for the entire 4 days I had been miserable, and the moment I ate something my mood shifted completely.
Would I do it again? Yes, now I know what I’m in for. My stomach is noticeably smaller and I’m craving more vegetables than ever before- I ate some m&ms on the second day and had a sugar rush… Giggling like a 3 years old. The effects of different foods on the body are heightened, emphasising what is good, what is bad…

But onto life with a normal diet- so much more energy means Dan and I can get cracking on our new (or not so new) project which I’ve been holding off from writing about.. Until now… Drum roll….
The Green Bean
A 1993 Landrover Defender, which we have marvellously bought, or are in the process of.
The idea: Make it a business, home and transport all in one. Make the back space liveable, put in a coffee machine, water tank and all business things required so we can tour markets and festivals selling COFFEE.

So far, we have taken out all the old insulation, replaced it with poly foam… You have no idea how hard this was to find and describe at a French builders merchant! We have anti rusted the aluminium bars in the back box, we have replaced the air vents with water tight snazzy crisp white ones, Dan has made the cab completely water tight, and we are now in the process of putting up the beautifully white painted plywood (yes I painted them…) onto the walls, and then beginning to build the bed! We have also bought a bright red futon mattress, dyed some old manly curtains a snazzy blue, managed to get given some beautiful Morrocan rugs to decorate the interior and destroy an old caravan on site at the centre- and take whatever we want from it… So we scoured a fold up table, a step and some chairs.
So things are underway and it’s VERY exciting!
Due date for bed is August as we are off for a month long road trip to Amsterdam, and Paris.
The Green Bean will be coming to a town near you…







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