Travelling Girl

Boys beware… This post is directed at the travelling female and my newfound revelation, the femmecup.

Periods are the worst at the best of times… A nuisance, a pain, a headache and dam right inconvenient. But what about periods when your travelling? When your in hiking? What then?
Well when I encountered this problem halfway through the West Highland Way track from Fort Williams to Glasgow in Scotland- I had no other option than to cart around a plastic bag full of dirty tampons..YUCK to say the least. What other option was there? Bury them for some poor dog to dig up? Ewww

My mum put me onto an alternative at the beginning of this year, an Eco friendly, money saving alternative which at first thought makes you grimace.. But then you think of all those boxes of tampons you don’t need to buy… The Femmecup… Or the Mooncup…or the Ladycup.. Lunette cup
There are many brands producing similar items.
Basically a silicone menstrual cup which is latex free,contains no dyes, BPA or toxins and lasts up to 7-8 years.
You can insert it for up to 12 hours and many women have found them effective in easing cramps.
So after many hours scouring the internet reading different reviews on the different shapes sizes and prices I chose the Femmecup . I chose it because after reading many menstrual cup comparison websites femmecup was described as better for first time menstrual cup wearers who hadn’t given birth, it was slightly smaller than some of the other ones and Femmecup website offer £22.99 for a femmecup in a cute little cotton tie bag, with an aloevera and essential oil femmecup wash for your intimate areas and your femmecup.
There are many interesting blog posts on different womens experiences with them- all of them detailing the difficult process of putting it in. After reading all these posts, I found the process of inserting it reasonably easy. There are many ‘how to’ YouTube videos, and sorts showing you the method.. To the madness…
All in all, they are brilliant! I haven’t spend a dime on a box of tampons all year, they ease my cramps completely, you can wear them swimming, for 12 or more hours depending on your flow, and they are easy to clean and store- just wash them with hot soapy water after use, or boil in a put every few months to reduce staining.
If you are a travelling girl struggling with a stinky bag of used tampons- like I was- the Femmecup is the way forwards.


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