Mont Lozere

As our holidays approach we make ample use of this mountain we live on. By Wednesday the sunny weather has finally returned so we make for the top of Mont Lozere, a 50 minute walk up a steep winding track, reaching a height of 1,699 metres. It’s been a while and the going is tough.. Especially in this heat.. This sticky muggy hotness which you love yet hate- while climbing a mountain.

The dogs follow us up, one more athletic than the other-

it seems that all those baguettes Roxy has been seen running off with have caughtup with her.



Roxy is a 3 year old French flat coated retriever who has the mentality of an old lady, she’s exceptionally lazy, awkward and clumsy- and you can’t help but love her for it! Dan has to ploy her up the mountain holding a piece of rawmeat..


Shefinally makes it up the top and collapses in any shade she can find as we descend- often running ahead, finding some shade to lie in, and waiting till we walk past.

Dogs provide the best entertainment!


(we are still contemplating ‘rescuing’ Goofy, our beloved stray companion from Santorini Island)

All in all the walk takes 2hours, it is moderate to hard heading up from Finiels side, heading up from Le Bleymard is more of a smoother increase. Once up the top, if it’s fine you can see the Alps in the distance, Mende, the biggest town close by, Pont, Le Bleymard and hills for a far as the eyes can see, it’s worth the walk!



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