The Green Bean

Dan and I have recently embarked on the hefty task of buying, creating, installing and designing a business-in a truck.


Three firsts.

Our first home, vehicle, and business all in one.

We call her (him?) The Green Bean… a 1993 Land rover defender, with a box on the back.




IMG_2919 (so shiny!)

Over the past four months, Dan and I have gone from drawing up plans, marketing strategies, business ideas and throwing round an assortment of possible names, to now, embarking on our first holiday in the multiple functional Green Bean!

We spent about 4 weeks off and on fixing the car up, redoing the insulation, painting, Dan built us a bed, shelves and fixed leaks.







We fitted the car out to be functional as a living space for this year, 2014, but by May next year we plan to be driving through the UK in our Green Bean, stopping at markets and festivals selling coffee- brewed right from our truck- using the best of the best local beans. (Any suggestions?)

Experience wise, I have 7 years barista experience, learning from my dad, founder of Strong Hold Coffee, and owner of the 12 year success ‘Brazil cafe’ located on Karagahapi Road in Auckland New Zealand- From there I went on to learn many different methods of ‘how to be a good barista’ from making coffee for thousands of sweaty cyclists atThe Kauri Gum Store, to coffee decoration skills at Enigma cafe on Courtney Place, Wellington, to speed-is-the-key at Plum cafe on Cuba street Wellington. Dan learnt how to be a barista a bit later- at Plum Cafe 3 years ago, however he pursued it as a sole passion. (unlike me, who preferred to boss waitresses round in fancy restaurants and make coffee from time to time)

However, our love for coffee is there, we appreciate good strong coffee which is made with love, a bit of sweat and full fat milk! (For those that haven’t tried Strong Hold Coffee you don’t know what your missing!)
We are currently embarking on a month long road trip to Amsterdam, round a bit, and through Paris on the return- this is a mighty long journey for this car, which hasn’t been driven regularly for 8 years!
It’s mileage alow 54,000 for a 1993 defender.




So, we have been organised.. We have bought padlocks, steering wheel locks, plastic containers for food storage, Bungy cords.. Things to help us live in a small space, safely and happily!




Here are some photos of our car getting done-up… Prodded poked and polished.
The Green bean in transition.
I’ll keep you posted on our journey- will the Green Bean pass it’s first test? Or will it fail…and put our mission of using it to sell coffee to the wayside.. Stay tuned to find out!






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