5 Reasons why BERLIN is the place to be.

photo 22014-08-12 14.02.02

1. Street Parties

When we were in Kreuzberg in August, we happened upon a huge punk street party. A fantastic german punk band was playing on the footpath, crowds of people gathered on the road dancing, singing and drinking beer. (You can drink in public in Berlin, beers are very cheap and sold at most stores.) The traffic was held up for 2-3 hours- which in most places would cause a group of angry people, but in Berlin, they hopped out of their cars and joined in! The police turned up and watched from a distance. There was no violence, no drunk rucuss, and it felt very safe. There were even lots of wee punk kiddies on their parents shoulders with ear muffs rocking out! It was COOOOOL

2. The best Playgrounds

In every district within Berlin you will find huge green parks. Most of these parks offer some form of children entertainment, whether it be a sandpit with a water wheel, a water fountain with a children friendly pool, a table tennis table or a fantastic wooden playground.

photo 1


3. Baraka

Having a nice, affordable meal out is VERY rare, and as a foodie my expectations are rather high… More often than not I’m disapointed by the blandness, the service, and the food quality (I could cook this better at home!!). HOWEVER, Baraka located in Kreuzberg, was hands down one of the best meals I have ever had. They offer takeaway, and sit downrestaurant service. Their Haloumi, Fallafel Pita was just the tip of the iceberg.. Dan and I ordered a Lamb Shawarma which cost 4 Euros, followed by a 2 person meat platter which cost 12 Euros (This was more than enough food). The food was absolutely amazing, it was fresh, something I could not cook at home and the most affordable restaurant we have been to in a long time. Definitely worth a visit!

4. Buskers

While at Mauer Park we witnessed a handmade robot in a shopping trolley squirting water out of its mouth.. How cool is that?! Now thats worth a few euros!

2014-08-10 12.33.15

While walking into Alexander Platz along the river side, we stumbled upon a jazz band playing in a tunnel. They were awesome!

photo 4photo 3

5. Open air festivals

During the summer months, Berlin has open air dance parties on every week. The link above takes you to a Facebook page which tells you what parties are on, what DJ’s are playing, and where they are held. Often they are held in large industrial units, parks, riversides, and pools, some cost, but the majority are free.


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