Grenoble was a town that we’d driven through on our way to Mèribel, short on time, and unable to visit. So we’d promised we’d come back!

It’s regarded as the capital city of the French Alps, and is visited by many tourists year round for its iconic La Bastille. One of the most important examples of early 18th-century fortifications in all of France- And the gondola which takes you up the mountain to the La Bastille, known as “Les Bulles” (The bubbles) an egg shaped gondola.  Unfortunately we don’t have the time, nor the funds to visit this, so instead enjoy the scenery. 2014-08-24 13.36.05

From Lake Annecy it takes a short 2 hours, and we pull in to a very sleepy beautiful French town. It takes us a few minutes to realise why it’s so sleepy…. It’s SUNDAY. In France, only a few cafes & shops open on Sundays- even supermarkets are shut!

We wander the quiet streets admiring the river rushing through the middle of the town, and the exquisite gondola running back and forth up the hill.

2014-08-24 13.35.27

We decide to have one last holiday treat, a nice meal out. With the option of pizza, pizza or pizza. We decide to have PIZZA. (Not too sure why Grenoble has an abundance of pizza restaurants!) We didn’t spend long in Grenoble, and we didn’t see it in its full glory- but  it was pretty stunning all the same.2014-08-24 13.32.40



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